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  • Rules for Blogging

    Rules for Blogging

    Blogs are a great way to draw attention and traffic which you can funnel to your site. There are a few things you should remember when writing blog posts!

    #1 Pay attention to the source of the source. If you find a tidbit on another blog and decide to work it up into a full length story, make sure you are pulling from credible places. back up your facts, and have references.

    #2 Don’t simply shell out the ideals of self proclaimed gurus. Make your blog part of a successful business model and build a reputation for good content so people will know what you are talking about.

    #3 Don’t forget that not only can you utilize a blog to great effectiveness on the web to build your brand but you can also encourage the exchange of ideas. However, you will need to monitor it to make sure you are giving a good impression and representation of yourself / your company / your brand. If you allow just any post to be slapped up, you run the risk of presenting less than a perfect image. Monitor comments too – an unattended blog looks bad.

    #4 This goes back to #1, since it can’t be repeated enough: Only post content you can stand behind one hundred percent. Double check your sources, and your sources’ sources; investigate the sites you link to, and who THEY link to. You don’t want to be associated with something or someone you can’t support.

    #5 Back to #3. (I figure if I double hit everything, you’ll get the point.) Don’t let rants begin and foment disruption in your comments areas. Moderate fairly, but attempt to keep posts on point watch out for those protagonists who will find eachother and start slinging mud.

    #6 Don’t link out to stuff you are disagreeing with. This doesn’t debunk it – instead it sends traffic their way and makes their bad information  even more credible from a search engine standpoint!! You could actually boost their ranking!

    #7  Don’t be a linkbaiter only. Don’t post stuff just to create a hubbub, or to be controversial. Drama queens use Facebook or Reddit or Twitter or Digg all the time to bump up their view stats, leave it to those folks. Its’ considered bad form to post in an incendiary tone, with profanity or outrageous falsehoods,  just to get more readers or clicks.

    Just make your blog something to be proud of, that you are able to stand behind, and you will be fine.

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