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  • Restaurants Now Have A New Online Space To Cover – Zagat

    Are you a restaurant? You may have to cover new grounds online as far as Google is concerned. Just a couple of weeks ago Google has launched a new website named Zagat. Google announced the launching of this website on 29th of July, 2013. Google has acquired Zagat in 2011 but only now, it is trying to make the fullest use of this acquired business. What does Zagat offer? This is a restaurants review site where you will get the latest ratings and reviews of the restaurants in your city.

    Google’s intention is to help its users find the best restaurants in their city. If you are a restaurant business, this is an additional space or additional ground that you need to cover because your listing in this website can increase the footfalls to your business. Currently, the Zagat ratings and user reviews are featured for only nine cities but Google is planning to expand this network to 50+ US destinations and other international destinations.

    Google features ratings of restaurants ad hotels in the chosen cities. You will also find info on shopping and other places of interest around the restaurants in the given cities. As a business owner, you should see this as a great opportunity to drive excellent traffic to your restaurant. Daily thousands of searches are made on the local restaurants and for user reviews. There may be already reviews of restaurants spread in a random way across the web. Now, presents all these information in a very organized way so that the users will be able to make well-informed decisions while selecting their restaurants.

    As a restaurant owner, you should claim your space in This website will also post news and video content, which will give the users more insights about the local restaurants.

    The ratings and reviews are available only for the registered users. The registration however is free. This simply means that your data will be made accessible to serious users. The ratings and reviews posted online will be posted by a fulltime editorial team that curates the best restaurants and nightspot establishments in the chosen cities.

    Restaurant owners will be able to get the attention of the editorial team at by visiting the following link: Get started right away and let your restaurant be found in and start driving traffic to your restaurant and to your nightspot establishments. You will be able to cut through the competition every effectively and

    You will have to continually scan the web for the latest tools and resources like these so that you will be able to stay on top of the competition. These are some of the most search engine friendly ways to drive traffic to your website. The best part of this new venture from Google is that your target customers will have access to your business and will have access to the first hand feedback from the users directly.

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