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  • Respect The Blogger

    Respect The Blogger

    We talked about geeks yesterday. Geeks were just one form of leader. There are certain demographics that transcend their own narrow confines and become directional beacons for all, and these are the people you need to direct a portion of your marketing efforts to. Yes, I am talking about bloggers.

    This is also why social networking and blogs are so important! We get too caught up sometimes with vying for the search engines’ favors that we forget a very important part of linking that has nothing to do with PageRank.

    Lets look at the negative for a moment. When you get good service at a fast food restaurant drive through, do you think twice about it? No. you expect good service; you are, after all, paying for it.

    What about the times you get bad service? I know I am on my cell phone as I pull away: “Hey! Yeah, it’s me. Absolutely ridiculous. I just spent ten minutes waiting in the drive through, and then they didn’t even get my order right. Yeah! That’s the one, the one over by the freeway. Don’t ever go there, this is crazy! I haven’t got all day to be messing around; now I’m going to be late to Pilates class. You got that right. Yeah, talk to you later.”

    After venting, I feel better, and my friend will tell her friends, and they will tell theirs – Yeah, the one down by the freeway? I hear it’s awful.

    The point is, the network works fast. A bad scenario like that one will be covered in a post to come, but lets look at the flip side of the coin.

    If I find a site or a product I really like, I pass the word along. I am dismal at keeping up[ with my own personal blog, but I have found things I pointed out to friends on their own blogs later, so the idea is solid. Social networks are another way to spread links that while they might not bring you PageRank will still garner you attention as other people pick them up.

    Once something goes viral, we all know what happens – it gets Dugg, or Sphunn, or Buzzed and from there it is pure link insanity! This can help you not just by adding links but by driving traffic – organic links like this are pure gold because other people view them as valuable information and search engines therefore do as well.

    A link to your site from a dozen different blogs across the web can have some weight, even if they don’t come from so called related sites and Google seems to think they aren’t as valuable, they ARE. Your visitors come from all areas of the internet, and the ones who reach you from pure interest without the manipulations of the search engines might just end up being one of your best customers!

    Tomorrow – when Good Networking Goes Bad – How to Save Your Online Reputation

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