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  • Reemergence Of Classifieds Sites Advertising

    One of the web marketing strategies that is remerging lately is the use of classifieds sites in the marketing mix. It is not easy to deal with the online competition if you do not have multiple ranking and promotional strategies in your overall marketing plan. Classifieds sites continue to attract a lot of attention because the internet users find it easy to get the information they need on the services that they would like to hire or the products that they would like to buy in the classifieds sites. As the classifieds sites feature all the related products and services in neat categories, it saves time for the users when compared to running a search in the search engines.

    Free Classifieds advertising becomes even more effective if you are targeting any specific area or any specific location. Reports indicate that local customers tend to use the free classifieds sites more frequently than customers that are looking for global service providers. Another segment of businesses that enjoy greater benefits from the free classifieds advertising are businesses that have a retail showroom or have some offline, local presence when compared to operations that are entirely online.

    This does not mean that global players and fully online operations do not enjoy any benefit at all from free classifieds advertising, it is just that the percentage or the effectiveness of free classifieds site advertising is more for local and offline businesses. All the businesses, regardless of whether they are local or global, online or offline do benefit from the free classifieds sites when it comes to overall brand visibility. When you advertise your product or services in the free classifieds sites your brand name is flashed frequently to the right audience. This will make your brand name look familiar to your customers. When the familiarity level increases, your customers will be unconsciously moved to choose your brand over the other brands that are less familiar. Along these lines, free classifieds sites play a very impressive role in boosting your business conversions.

    You just need the time to compile the entire list of free classifieds sites and to post your classifieds ad. Number of free classifieds sites still use ‘do follow’ attribute for their websites and when you select such websites, you will also get back links for your website. If you are submitting to do follow free classifieds sites, make it a point to submit even your inner pages and not just the home pages because your website should have a balanced ranking, which can be achieved to free classifieds advertising. Do not underestimate the power of free classifieds advertising. The links obtained through this strategy are 100% natural and Google will notice these links and boost your link popularity score.

    SEO experts have started looking at the free classifieds again given the changing internet trends. While it is important to boost your brand visibility in the social media sites, you should also be paying attention to boost your ranking in the free classifieds sites for added benefits.

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