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  • Question on the Importance of Content Revisited

    One of the questions that keeps coming back with regard to ranking websites in Google is whether this search engine still needs textual content. In other words, is textual content still important for Google? The point-blank response to this question is a resounding ‘YES’. Matt Cutts recently reiterated the importance of content for Google and he stated very clearly that Google still does want content and you cannot run away from this reality.

    Question On The Importance Of Content Revisited

    On the one hand, you need to make your websites engaging for the users and make them spend more time on your website and on the other hand you need to give adequate reason for Google to consider your website to be a relevant match for a search that has been made. You can make your website more visually engaging by adding impressive images but this should not take away all your web page space because you will be able to get traffic to your website only when you get better ranking in the search results and for better ranking your website will need good content. What is required here is that you should strike the middle path.

    Matt Cutts while insisting that Google still needs content suggests or recommends that if your website should use a lot of images you should balance it with by providing good content around the image. For example, come up with keyword rich title for the image. Add some descriptive and keyword rich text about the image beneath the image. You can also use the alt attribute to enhance your keyword strength.

    Google is one of the most sophisticated search engines and this search giant has been making numerous changes to its algorithms. Several algorithmic changes have been made by Google since its inception. In all these if there is something that has not changed, then it is the importance of good quality content. Google may issue updates to its algorithm in the name of animals or in the name of birds, but we know one thing whether it is Panda or Penguin, Content Rules. If you want your website to rule, you should make it content rich.

    Good content and carefully designed website layout can effectively replace your sales representatives. Though this might sound to be a bit of an exaggeration, what we mean here is that good quality web content will do the talking, which your sales representative is supposed to be doing. Therefore, when you are designing your website, it is good to invest in good content because it will go a long way in making your website a leading player in the search results. Do not go for cheap stuff because it will cost you more by the end of the day; what we mean here is that you will lose your customers by posting poor quality content in your websites or blogs. This does not mean that good quality content is always expensive, you will be able to find reasonably priced, professional content writing services if only you can spare a few minutes searching for a dependable service provider.

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