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  • Quality Websites Just as an old country music song once espoused that sometimes love just ain’t enough, sometimes good SEO just ain’t enough either. There is no denying the fact that strong SEO is a cornerstone of any successful website or blog. SEO is what helps get the masses to your site so you can start converting and monetize those visits. What keeps them there is a different concept.

    Once you get visits to your site, it is often assumed you will convert some of those visits into sales. Even with poorly put together sites that rely on nothing but mass traffic from having top page ranking some sales will be made regardless of the overall quality of the site. Why be satisfied with making some sales though when with just a little work you can start making a lot of sales. Today we will look at quality content and why you need it to really cash in on your web sales.

    Imagine yourself surfing the web looking for titanium cutlery. You click on the top return, and while the pictures of the knives look great, the descriptions are little more than keyword packed phrases that do little to explain what you are actually looking at. Everyone has seen this, and it is a turnoff. While you are hoping to learn something about blade length, handle grip or maybe something different, all you are seeing is something like “Titanium knives, best prices, top quality.” and a link to an order page. As a consumer, how likely are you to buy based on that?

    That is where the quality of your content comes into play. Once you hook a fish, the last thing you want to do is let it wriggle off your line to look for a meal somewhere else. You need to provide content that offers actual information so that potential customers can make an informed decision on the spot. You do not want them to feel like they need to send you an email to figure out what they are buying – very, very few ever will. You do not want them to have to Google the product specs – if they do, the odds are they will get those specs from one of your competitors and buy from them.

    Having a clean businesslike site is a great goal, but it should not come at the expense of being engaging. The key is to create quick lightly keyed descriptions that provide enough information to keep visitors on your site. SEO is a part of that, but what you need to keep in mind is that you cannot let SEO come in the way of having intelligent text that actually helps keep you selling.

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