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  • Protecting Your Site From Hacking – Tips From Google

    wordpress hacking One of the terrifying experiences that all webmasters dread is website hacking. Everyday, numerous websites are hacked and this can result in wide ranging problems from loss of data, installation of malware and malicious software to security threats to the visitors that use the hacked website. If your website should ever be attacked by hackers, you need to respond to the attack immediately because every single day you delay will prove to be highly damaging to your website. Google has a recent post on how to deal with website hacking and how to recover from the attack.

    One of the points the post notes is that the recovery process can prove to be complicated requiring technical skills, knowledge in system administrator commands and experience with source code.

    Here are few important tips from Google on how to keep your website protected from the hackers. The first in the list is the software updates; you are required to keep your software updated so that you do not make things easy for the hackers. Make sure that you or your system administrator understands fully the security practices required for all the applications, plug-ins and software applications that you are using in your website. Thirdly, keep your website free from clutter. If you have any software applications installed in your server, which you are not using anymore, remove them from the server so that hackers to not get an easy entry through such obsolete software. The next factor that draws our attention is the conventional password protection. Make sure to create complex passwords and have them changed regularly so that your website does not become an easy prey to the hackers. It is not enough that you just keep your servers and online resources secure, it is also important to keep your computers and other devices that you use to access your servers fully protected so that there are no unauthorized entries through these devices. Hackers can access your devices remotely if they do not have adequate protection. Most importantly, never forget to take backups of your website and all the databases so that in case of any unforeseen eventuality of site hacking, you do not end up losing your data. In extreme cases, the only way out might be just purging all the data.

    Besides the above tips from Google, there is yet another important factor to be remembered. You should not panic, if you should ever be hacked. If you panic, you can end up making mistakes. So it is important that you maintain your poise and get the required technical assistance. If you do not have any technical expertise, it is best not to try anything yourself because it can make things worse. Contact your technical assistance immediately and let the experts review the issue. If you have your data backed up regularly, you have nothing to worry. Like in most cases, prevention is better than cure, so take adequate preventive measures so that you minimize the occurrence of such unpleasant happenings.

    Govind Agarwal is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Expert at SubmitEdgeseo, with over 6 years experience in the Web Marketing Techniques.

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