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    Have you been considering using press release submission services? There are many reasons to make use of these services for your press release because they know where and how to submit to get you the best traffic without it appearing to be spam.  Even when a release is actually viewed by journalists, it is often discarded quickly due to mistakes in composition, formatting or content.

    Press Releases Can Do Incredible Things for Your Brand!

    However, if you’re trying to get media attention, press releases that reach subscribing journalists is the way to go, and the way to do this is by using a press release submission service that posts your press release on a great press release platform and ensures it is sent out to the best possible combination of real news outlets.

    Using a press release website directly can lead to trouble if you don’t understand the rules and how to write a good press release. By using an established service, you can get excellent press release writing done plus submission in the most effective manner possible. Who knows, your press release might end up picked up by many online news outlets, and even end up in print. You could wind up doing a TV or radio interview and gaining even more publicity.

    Your press release should not look like an advertisement. These are viewed as suspicious by web readers. A well written article crafted as a press release with current, valuable information will be an ad hands down any day of the week. You must build trust and credibility over a period of time with timely, carefully crafted releases and press release submissions through the proper channels.

    Using an established form for press release writing is the first step in the right direction. They can ensure your press release will be accepted. They can also guarantee proper press release distribution, through the best channels to get your release noticed by major journalists and publications.

    How many press releases should you submit, and how often? PR News Channel suggests:

    If you are a new company trying to spread the word about your service or product, writing and publishing two or three release online each week is a good start. You probably wouldn’t want to send each release to the media. One pitch/release a week to the media is best. Another advantage of posting a release online is the ability to use keywords to help boost your company website’s search engine optimization.

    A company that is more established and is not trying to overcome bad publicity, can usually get away with publishing one online release a week. It is important to post press releases on the web to help keep your company’s website rankings high in online search engines.

    Bottom line – press release submissions can help you boost your company image, bring attention to your band and help quash bad PR in a crisis. Get started today, and watch press releases about your company start showing up all over the news feeds!

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