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  • PPC Bounce Rates

    PPC users are notoriously fickle. The click away rate is incredible – so what can you do to keep your visitors onsite?

    Your landing page is a very specific kind of animal, not subject to all the same rules as the rest of your website. You don’t need to worry about the SEO as much, or the possibility of messing up SEO objectives – these pages are not intended to be browsed, and you should automatically to exclude them from spider crawling by using “nofollow” mechanisms.

    Your landing page has one main objective.

    You have to convince the consumer that they have come to the right place.

    You can use text to do this, based on the search criteria that led your consumer to you: Do you need —–? You are in the right place!

    Keep in mind that search engine users type in their search parameters and click on your ad based on the matching quality between your ad copy and what they think they need. Then they start at the top left corner of the page and try to decide whether the page (and by extension, the site) matches their need/desire. If it does, they continue scanning the page, and possibly convert. If not, they’re gone and probably won’t come back!

    Usually this entire process – from click to bounce – takes less than one second.

    You can boost your conversion rates significantly by doing just one thing: revisiting the language of your PPC ad in the area just below the landing page logo. If the search term was “puppy hoodies Christmas,” and the ad text included “Free Shipping. Delivery by Christmas!”, the headline below the logo should be “Buy Puppy Hoodies. Free Shipping and Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas!”

    You’ve probably figured out that the best strategy may be to create a separate landing page for each ad group. Some companies can afford to do that, others can’t. Your best bet is to do the ultimate job with what you’ve got. If you can tweak a basic landing page into several different forms for related ads and products, do that. Make a slight change in each one’s layout and see how different your conversion rate is.

    Don’t let your visitors bounce away without making a buy!

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