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  • Permanent One Way Links

    Permanent, one way link building strategies can rapidly improve a website’s link popularity and search engine ranking. While reciprocal links may be a good tactic when you are first starting out,  one way link building is the Gatling in your link building arsenal.

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    One way links are the most difficult type of link to get, since you are aiming for a link to your own website from other sites and don’t want to give anything in return. You have to figure out ways to make yourself valuable enough to them that they don’t require a reciprocal link.

    Developing a permanent one way link building program that can works takes time. If you need quick, cheap permanent links, and SEO service can help; just make sure they are using approved tactics like the ones listed below.

    Blog Posts – Get respected bloggers or professional reviewers who guest blog to write about you or your website on a high PR blog. You will gain the automatic benefit of extra visibility plus you will normally get a high value link back to your website. Make sure this is a link surrounded by relevant text with an appropriate anchor text link.  Contextual links are the best kind because they stay active longer.

    Press Releases – Write or have press releases written and submitted to as many outlets as possible. This will get your news and information in front of a huge audience if you utilize targeted distribution. A properly written and distributed press release can spread rapidly, providing one way links from every site that carries the story and generating traffic to your site.

    Article Marketing –  Articles with contextual one way links back to your website are extra valuable because people will also be motivated to click through and convert; since they are reading your article, you can presume they are interested. Of course, all articles you provide must be highly informative, well written, and placed on highly respected quality sites.

    Blog Comments – Making regular, professional, and relevant comments on blogs adds to their value and opens the door to signature links. Don’t be a spammer it’s a quick way to get booted. However,, if you provide valuable commentary and helpful suggestions, you will be viewed as sincere and people will come visit your own blog or site.

    Social Bookmarking – Get your site bookmarked on sites like Furl, Simpy,, StumbleUpon. These can rate your for quality, and you can get one way links from interested surfers as your site grows in popularity.

    Directories – You can get a few good permanent one way links from high quality directories with decent PR. Choose ones that have editorial reviews and standards for the best links, and be careful when submitting to follow all guidelines and select the correct category.

    Videos – Got something you think might go viral, or is something people will share because it is hysterically funny? Put it on YouTube and other sites! You’ll get great one way links back to your site to increase traffic. How to videos are particularly good to post, especially in series.

    Social Media Marketing – Search engines trust one way links from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks. You can do all sorts of things here to boost interest and get other people picking up on you and linking to you as well.

    Use these techniques to build permanent one way links to your site to boost rankings.

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