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  • Panda and Squidoo

    When Google made the Panda algorithm change, many people started to think that all sites that created mass quantities of content became useless for their SEO and marketing purposes. However, when used with Squidoo, articles can be a massive powerhouse for driving valuable traffic to your site as well as providing strong links.  It is true that Squidoo lens’s rank decreased slightly – however, Squidoo lost less ground than any of the other sites including or Associated Content and Helium which got nuked for rampant poor quality and duplicate content issues. Because of that,  Squidoo lenses are still one of the best ways to promote your affiliate website.

    — Squidoo is respected by Google. If you can create well written content that will allow you to promote your affiliate, you are ahead of the game. That is something that article directories will not allow you to do. To drive traffic, you can create properly keyworded, high quality content in articles to increase traffic to your Squidoo lens where your affiliate links are. A major key of it all depends on being an active community member to actually realize maximum benefits though because that increases exposure and promotes increased social networking sharing.

    — Articles are a great resource. While search engines have cracked down on low quality content, penalizing some of the worst content, you can still get well written articles with high page rankings for their keyword on first page of Google in some instances. When your articles point to your Squidoo lens which in turn points to your affiliate website, you will be receiving highly targeted traffic for your market which means more conversions.

    — You should be using your squidoo lens url as the website URL in your resource box when submitting articles thus creating a backlink.  It won’t take long to see how this will give you a huge advantage over competitors. Suppose you make ten articles in one day and get ten backlinks to your squidoo profile. If you then duplicate those articles over some of the less well known free article submission websites – say twenty of them –  you have 200 links to your Squidoo lens which is not shabby by any means.

    — Squidoo profiles and lenses with backlinks retain their huge advantage in page rankings. If some of your article entries are deemed valuable enough, they will rank highly for your long tail keyword phrases and drive traffic directly to your Squidoo lens which again, presents you with targeted traffic that is ready to convert.

    People have begun using Squidoo for affiliates since you can no longer link to your affiliate websites in your articles on almost any of the content mills – and even if you can, they are still so destroyed by Panda it is hardly worth the effort in many cases. If you just use Squidoo instead as a cushion and talk about your affiliate program and have a link to the program on your Squidoo lens, that should still work.  It is a roundabout way to do things, but it works.

    Creating tons of backlinks to your Squidoo lenses will help you get high page rankings. This can increase the benefits of your affiliate or Clickbank product and help you boost your online visibility. Don’t give up on article marketing and Squidoo lenses – just create great content and Google will still find it! The key is to keep it clean, use a pattern, and make sure you participate on Squidoo for maximum benefits.

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