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  • Online Branding, The Best Survival Strategy Ever Post Penguin 2.0

    You are probably one of the devastated webmasters after Google Penguin 2.0. Google has been continually working on improving the quality of the search results it provides the internet users. What ever you do to promote your online visibility such as link building, content marketing, etc., at sometime or the other turns vile in the eyes of Google by the changing standards. However, nothing can actually stop your branding efforts. As a business owner, you can take as much branding efforts as you like and still remain in good books with Google and with the other leading search engines. If your major focus is on branding, then you need not probably have to worry about the Penguin updates or with any future update of Google. The search giant cannot help but make counter measures to curb the internet spam in as many possible ways as it can. Therefore, in such a scenario, branding is the Holy Grail.

    There are other Google benefits to your branding efforts. If you are targeting local customers or if you are interested in local marketing, then branding takes your business to places. You will be able to get traffic that is more organic through Google with appropriate branding. How does this exactly work? If you engage in online branding efforts, you will probably be using your brand name, your business address and your contact details such as email id and phone number etc., along with your branding efforts and the more number of times such business related information is featured along with the top keywords of your business, then Google will find your website to be an apt candidate for the relevant keyword searches. You will be featured on top for the top keywords.

    Penguin updates have turned the tables; at one time link building using the same keywords as the hypertext was believed to boost one’s ranking for those keywords. Today, with Google refining its algorithm more frequently, you will have to find more stable approaches to get your brand featured in the search results. Branding will be your survival strategy post Penguin 2.0.

    You just need to take a closer look at the websites or brands that have not only survived Penguin 2.0 but also started receiving more traffic after Google Penguin 2.0 and you will notice that these are the websites or brands that have kept their major focus knowingly or unknowingly on branding. You too can replicate similar results by focusing on branding. Some of the methods that you can use in your branding efforts include social media marketing, authorship tags, Google+ marketing, YouTube marketing, submission of your presentations in SlideShare, guest blogs and more. This is not to mean that you should quit link building completely but it just means that you should shift your focus on to branding so that your website’s authority is boosted online. You should still try to get do follow links for your website but what matters the most is your brand-clout.

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