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  • Networking With Yourself

    You can use your multiple websites to increase linking, traffic and popularity. For example, I have a fictional website set up for pet clothing. I eventually branched out and split of the hoodie part of the site into its own niche site.

    I have two blogs, one on dogs and one about pet clothing in general. I also run a forum on a site I have on pets in general. I make sure I utilize all of my linking opportunities and generate interest from one site to the next.

    I also can play a bit of a linking game by doing a variant of three way or reciprocal links – since all of my sites are on related themes I can offer to links colleagues from one site if they link to one of my other sites.

    If I do this judiciously, it can increase my one way links to my more important sites. I can also offer to guest blog on other blogs and offer the opportunity for others to do the same on my two blogs, using the same principles.

    Don’t forget to use traffic from one site by trying to funnel it to your other sites. Often you can reach a wider audience by cross referencing – just make sure any links your visitors might click on that lead to your other sites open in a new window so they can get back easily if they decide that they wanted something they saw on the first page they visited.

    If you are smart about it, you can carefully network yourself into something far bigger than the sum of two or three sites and as many blogs. Think of your sites as cities located near one another – each one is a thriving, but if you can interconnect them enough to form a metropolis, you will suddenly be visible from space!

    Plan on doing press releases, blogging about new arrivals and writing articles that can cross the boundaries between your websites. Keep your eye on the big picture, and always be looking for ways to expand.

    When you start looking at advertising, you can run a few analysis trials on your sites and see where your traffic is coming from. If you have a few sectors that mainly get SERPs or ad traffic, and others that depend on online traffic from links, etc, you can figure out where you need to concentrate your ad money and where your weak points are. Try searching the web with different sets of keywords and see what comes up – you might find another niche that needs filling.

    Then you can decide which of your endeavors is best suited for a new campaign, and boost it along by increasing interest in the keywords with your other sites. Don’t forget that you don’t want to overshadow your sales site… you just want to make it more noticeable.

    Above all, keep your nose clean if you really interconnect your sites – if you slip and break the rules all of your sites will go down !

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