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    Your site has been overhauled, and you have even added a blog. Widgets and gadgets are all in place and ready for action and a partridge in a pear tree has been thrown in for good measure. Now you basically have to keep pushing the link building and the content! No matter how many widgets and gadgets you have, you need content to build traffic and links!

    New content is the single best way to keep pushing yourself under the search engines’ noses so that you remain relevant. Your title needs to reach out and grab the consumer, though – and there are a few ‘hooks’ that never grow old if you know how to use them correctly.

    Top Ten, Twenty, etc Lists

    Readers go nuts for lists of any sort, but the numbered lists perform the best day in and day out.  Tons of people actually go online and search for lists, especially if they want to find a lot of good information all in the same place. The words ‘ways to’ or ‘best’ are helpful to target your audience as well. Try a few like these samples:

    “Top Ten Ways to Dress For Less This Season” could be one, or “Top Twenty Best ‘Celebrity Spring Outfits”.

    How To Articles

    People are always looking for information on how to do something or find things or make things. This is a time tested hook that works wonders. Don’t know how to fix that leaky faucet? Go online and get the answer in language you can understand. Wondering about finding a career moms club in your area? We can help with that, too! We have all the answers!

    “How to Make Your Own Pintrest Boards”, “How to Grow Cactus”, “How to Find a Reputable Insurance Salesman”…see what I mean? These draw people in and they are questions people always have.

    Do…? What…? Why…? Should…?

    Answer questions. If you have the answers, you have an audience. Web surfers are often looking for answers about topic in the field, and here is your chance to make your content the valuable resource they are looking for. You just need to let them know that with the right hook!

    “Do Cats Sweat?”, “What Kind of Material Should My Dog Bed Be Made Of?”, “Why Do Hamsters Get Active At Night?”, and “Should I Buy a Leash for My Ferret?”

    Funny Stories

    If you can make them laugh, you can keep them coming back. If you can make a person laugh, you can not only get them to come back, you can get them to link in, tell their friends and family and do a ton of promotion for you without even asking for it. Tell a true anecdote, make up a funny joke, offer to print readers’ contributions. Combine the other methods listed above with a humorous twist.

    “Top Ten Things NOT To Do With A Jackhammer”, “How a Goldfish Can Be a Whale of a Problem” or “Why Shouldn’t You Take Your Pet Snake to Wal-Mart?” They are the type of catchy headlines that beg to be read.


    The title of and text surrounding your graphics, whether they be pictures or videos, can really pull visitors to your site. All of the above hooks can be used for graphic content too: Instructional videos on how to do things, pictures of curious or hilarious things or funny video clips can always bring people flocking.

    Your blog is a terrific place to start discussions, and find out what draws attention. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Blogs are a great proving ground for ideas. If something really takes off, try to direct it towards your site, and take advantage of the traffic it is generating!

    Mind ‘what is hot’ and try to figure out how it links in to your topic so you can exploit it. Here is another way you can use your blog to pull people in; you have a lot more leeway there. Make sure your content fresh, and update as often as you possibly can; you will see it pay off in links, traffic and rankings! Be an authority, give people good information and they will come over and over again!

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