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  • Making the Best Use of Google Analytics

    Most of us would already be using Google Analytics but not all of us put this free tool into maximum use possible. Google has made this tool available for webmasters for free since 2005. It is a magic tool that helps small businesses with its sophisticated statistics about a website’s traffic. These statistics are available under three types and they are Webmaster, Marketer and Executive reports. Each type has their own sub-categories which can be used to have a clear understanding about the nature of visitors to a particular website. These reports will show the general visitor trend in our website and will also help the webmaster to identify the weaker areas of their marketing strategies.

    Using Google analytics tool webmasters can find out how many people visited their website and for what keywords, how they entered the website, what they were looking for in your website etc. These free reports will also keep track of your ad campaigns and the effectiveness of the ad campaigns. By closely following the statistics you can devise marketing strategies to market your website online.

    You will be able to generate reports on visitor traffic based on various parameters that will give insights into behavior of the visitors. We will be able to track when your visitor traffic is high and when it is low in terms of the days of the week and hours of the day. If you have online chat support to your website or a toll free number you can strengthen the support team and make them concentrate on the peak hours when your website traffic is high to increase the conversion rate.

    By reviewing how your website visitors use your site their entry and exit points you can revamp your site to increase the conversion rates and to make those visitors into customers. You will also be able to track where exactly your website visitors leave your site during the sign up process. The ratio of successful signups vs. unsuccessful signups should prompt you to take preventive measures to increase the signups and to decrease the number of unsuccessful signups. Probably it is some particular data that you are asking from your website visitors during signup process that make them leave the signup page. You can design a new signup page that overcomes all the problems that you identify interpreting the report generated by Google.

    You can also improve the number of hits by reinforcing the top five keywords that are used by visitors who come to your website. You need to make continued efforts to retain the visitor traffic for the keywords for which you are strong because your competitors constantly working to steal your traffic so unless you continue to strengthen your optimization strategies for those websites you can easily lose traffic within a short time. This is one of the mistakes made by many webmasters; once they see that they are strong for a particular set of keywords they stop all their efforts in strengthening your website for those keywords for continued traffic making their success a short lived one.

    Thus Google Analytics can go a long way in helping you with your SEO strategies. It is absolutely free and you just need to make use of it.

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