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  • Making In-depth Articles Work For Your Brand

    Some time ago, we posted an article that related to the Google’s announcement on the new type of search results announced by Google, namely the in-depth articles. In this post, let us take a look at how we can make in-depth articles work for our websites in terms of increasing the website’s visibility.

    The basic concept here is that not all users on the internet are looking for information that are of commercial nature. A major percentage of the internet users make use of the internet as a source of information for their research work and for other purposes. Even those internet users that are looking for commercial information look for guidance and help on selecting their service providers. All these call for pages that give elaborate information to the internet users. If you can feature such elaborate articles in your website, there are chances that your website gets listed in the in-depth articles section.

    It is not enough that you create excellent in-depth articles for your website but you need to make these in-depth articles easily accessible to Google. You should tell Google about these resourceful articles in your website so that Google can differentiate between the regular website content and your in-depth articles. Here are few things that deserve your attention in this context.

    Article Markup
    Google encourages the webmasters to make use of the following article markup attributes for their articles: Headline, alternative-headline, image, description, date published and article body. In most cases, these attributes are totally missing and these articles will fail to attract Google because they are not readily visible to Google when the Google bot crawls the pages.

    Authorship Markup
    It is important to use authorship markup too for your articles. Soon you will be considered an expert in this field if number of in-depth articles are attributed to your name.

    Make sure to keep your in-depth articles outside the membership area. If the articles are accessible only to registered users then Google will not be able to crawl your pages. Your in-depth articles should be crawlable. This is a very basic requirement, which you cannot afford to miss. Only when Google can easily crawl these pages without any problem, Google will be able to show these pages in the search results.

    One of the advantages here is that even if you are in a highly competitive niche and even if you are fighting stiff competition, you will be able to get your websites listed in the top ten results through the in-depth article listing. Interestingly, this is a shortcut to top ten listings which Google itself is offering you and it will only be prudent to make use of this opportunity to get excellent listings. Start working on your in-depth articles and make sure that you tell Google clearly about your article using appropriate markup. It is certainly worth the efforts taken, invest your time in such positive and legitimate ranking strategies and take your website to the next level.

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