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  • Keeping Your Blog Posts on Topic


    No one is exempt from making mistakes when they blog.  Experienced bloggers will at times make common mistakes regarding blogging style and tone. With a little extra attention to detail, this can be avoided and even long term bloggers can improve their online performance.

    Blogging requires a balanced approach; although blogs give you the freedom to be little informal with your style of writing, you still have to be aware of your audience and present your material in a way that appeals to your target demographic.  The use of conversational style in blogs; while this works well for blogs in certain niches, may not be the best course of action in certain more professional niches.

    The danger of writing with a conversational style is that it is easy to get off track and lose focus. When you stray from the given topic and introduce elements that are not highly relevant to the post, you lose a little credibility. Whether you use a conversational style or professional style; the goal is to make posts that are highly focused. If you do not, two bad things happen:

    First, the quality of the blog posts will suffer which causes your blog to lose traffic and draw in lower quality traffic.  People rarely return to poorly written blogs.  This ruins the purpose of your blog, which is to gain more traffic for your blog which you can funnel to your website.

    Second, when your blog posts stray off topic, it is difficult to ensure the right keyword density in the content. Search engines will have problems with your posts because they will not know your real topic, and you will not be listed for the relevant keywords. That alone makes your blog particularly pointless for business purposes.

    Another mistake is just the opposite of the above. There are bloggers who develop their posts for the search engines alone. The result of this is stiff, unfriendly writing which fails to engage a visitor. Always remember that good search engine ranking is to get good traffic and good traffic is to get good conversion rates. If you receive traffic and they look at your blog post with disgust and leave your blog, your good search engine ranking is useless. The key to everything is always converting.

    You cannot expect good conversion rates with bad ‘SEO’ focused writing. Make sure that you strike the right balance in your blogs. Writing interesting and engaging posts will get you good response from the online community. Write for the reader first and then use SEO to ensure your keyword density is good as well. That is a formula you can take to the bank.

    Another common mistake that many bloggers make is thinking that they should be humorous if they want their blog to be popular. It is true that people like humorous posts, but humor may not be the right fit for your demographic. Also, many writers use blog titles that are too complicated to be associated with the topic.  It is best to stick to simple blog post titles that can be directly linked to your blog content. This will make it easy for search engines to find your post relevant to searches that are made by the users.

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