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  • Is There A Drastic Drop In Your Pagerank?

    pagerank It is not an uncommon experience among the webmasters to see a drastic change in their pagerank and a sudden drop in the search results. The first common response from the webmasters to these kinds of changes is panic; webmasters or business owners panic as soon as they do not see their websites in the search results or when they do not see the website in the regular position. Are you facing such problems with your website? Has your website’s ranking dropped suddenly?

    When such things happen, it is very important that you do not panic because if you panic you are very likely to be confused as to what to do and how to rectify the problems. In your confusion, you are likely to do things that can possibly go against your own interests. Many people try to take short cuts hoping to recover from the situation quickly and it the process they hurt their pagerank and their ranking further.

    The first step you should take when there is something wrong with the ranking is to analyze the issues at hand. You should try to understand why the sudden changes have happened with your Google results.

    Here are few scenarios that could have possibly caused the problem:

    Changes made to your website design and its structure can affect your ranking. Often websites after a major revamp suffer such problems. So when you want to redesign your website you should make sure that it does not affect your future ranking in any way. Review your website’s current ranking and understand what gives you the current ranking. You can even hire an agency to take care of this research for your website.

    Secondly, the above problem could have been caused by your link building efforts. If you do not play your link building game clean, then it is going to certainly backfire on you. It is therefore very important that you choose the best link building strategies. You should also keep yourself abreast with Google’s link building policies so that you are not violating Google’s webmaster guidelines. Here again hiring an experienced SEO agency or link building agency will prove to be very helpful.

    Thirdly, you might have hired a company to take care of your website’s online marketing needs but they might have used methods that hurt your ranking. You do not want to be penalized because of someone else’s mistake. Here choosing the most reputed SEO or link-building company becomes very important. Spend adequate time in reviewing your service provider. Working with companies, that have long-standing history in the industry will prove to be helpful.

    After analyzing the causes, you should start making systematic efforts to overcome the issues identified at hand. In all these, you cannot afford to waste any time because if you waste time here, then it will take much longer to revive your website to its original ranking. Prepare a complete blueprint on how you are going to handle the problem and execute the plan carefully. Most importantly, use only white hat strategies.

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