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  • Is SEO on the downslide?

    Speculations are rife that SEO industry is on the decline. Each time Google revamps its algorithms, the SEO industry experiences major upheaval. It is as if it’s very foundation is shaken and it’s crumbling down. But rest assured; these are just assumptions. Much ado about nothing! Only those who indulge in unethical SEO practices need to be wary of Google algorithms. The SEOs who swear by ethical and natural process have no cause for worry.
    seo down
    SEO and search engines are inter-related. So as long as search engines exist, SEO will stay alive too. The dynamics of the process may change of course. But the industry will not get wiped out. Change is the only constant stands true to the SEO field too. So it has to keep evolving with time. With the social media gaining precedence, it is not that SEO is taking a backseat. Just that SEO has to accept this change into its fold and include social media in its process too. They have to co-exist. Social will help in your link development but it would not be wise to cut down on your content development or link building. A combination of both the process is ideal in the present time.

    With the advent of Google Hummingbird, the entire focus has shifted to conversational words. Content still figures prominently. SEO was, is and will always be all about content development. A well scripted site with the right keywords will catch the attention of the search engine. The site has to be the best resource on the subject. Well written high quality content attracts visitors to the page and this does not go unnoticed. Earlier where backlinks could be manipulated, the emphasis today is more on the people’s endorsement in the form of likes and + and tweets. Legitimate backlinks earned through proper SEO is still important in determining your site popularity.

    Google has always changed gears to make it more user-friendly and it continues doing so. It is getting more and more people oriented. SEO needs to accept this and shift focus to what people would want to read. See there we come back to Content! This is one aspect which one cannot afford to overlook. Original and engaging content will get people to your site. So writers, do a good job and your SEO process would stay on track. Just get to the pulse of the readers and give them the content that they exactly are looking for. As far as links are concerned, quality will rule over quantity and just one relevant backlink could get you more visibility than 10 mediocre links. Instead of running behind numbers, churn out quality content and see the ranking automatically go up.

    What the future will unfold is a mystery; none can predict that but at present SEO is very much alive. The need of the moment is just to adapt your website to the changing scenario and keep evolving.

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