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  • Is Google Adsense Still A Lucrative Business Model For The Webmasters?

    There are varied opinions about Google Adsense and its effectiveness in helping website owners monetize their websites. At one time Google Adsense used to be the number one online money making strategy for thousands of website owners across the globe. This has resulted in the proliferation of millions of poor quality Adsense websites. These sites have been launched solely with the intention of serving Google Adsense ads. Such websites brought no value to the internet or the internet community. Google came down heavily on such websites with its latest updates. Websites that offered nothing but poor quality content have been stripped from the search results.

    Given this scenario, one of the resounding questions in the minds of hundreds of webmasters is whether Google Adsense still a lucrative business model. The response to this question depends very much on your website’s business model. Some people use Adsense to generate supplementary income to their website’s income and others use Adsense as their main income stream.

    In the Adsense blog, Google recently posted the highlights of 2012. Google in this blog post listed the highlights of 2012 with Adsense. In 2012, Google made a massive update to its Adsense interface. Another highlight listed in Google Adsense blog is Google’s efforts on helping or showing webmasters how to improve their ad revenue. Google recommended the use of social tools, incorporating mobile version of the websites and enhancing user experience. Google claims that webmasters that followed these guidelines experienced as high as 400% increase in their Adsense revenues. Google also introduced more options to the ad formats to help webmasters increase their ad revenue. Though these changes have been implemented at different times of the year, they did have a cumulative effect on the Adsense revenue.

    If you present good quality content, you will be able to find the best results. Google Adsense can still prove to be your number one revenue generation strategy in 2013. However, stay away from cheap ranking strategies and risky link building methods. Google’s tolerance to link spamming is reducing drastically day by day. If you do not want to bring down the entire Adsense empire that you have been building with great care all these years then had better pay attention to Google’s ranking guidelines. In your enthusiasm to increase your traffic and to increase the number of clicks do not engage in other mal practices.

    For Google Adsense brings a considerable portion of its yearly revenues. So it for Google too Adsense is as important as it is for the webmasters. However, as the internet’s top search engine Google has its own responsibilities to keep the web clean. You will have to therefore learn to play by the rules of Google and provide the internet community with quality content. Keep your ranking efforts clean and you will certainly see positive trends in your Google Adsense revenue chart. Integrate your Adsense account and the websites that serve Adsense ads to Google analytics to gain better insights into your Adsense revenue generation strategies.

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