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  • Innovative Ways to Update Social Media Posts

    Several people are seen to use the old and cliche ways of updating posts on various social media platforms. However, one must remember that people look for unique and innovative updates that they can share. It is not as easy as it looks like to keep up with the changing trends and demands of unique content. Several marketers are struggling to find new ways to grab the attention of their audiences.

    Innovative Ways to Update Social Media Posts


    So what should you do when you run out of ideas? Check out a few interesting thoughts here:

    Evergreen Content

    The ones who blog regularly, know which content will be relevant for months. Social media is ever changing and evolving. However, a few tips can never get old and so one must share those tips with their followers. These tips can make your content evergreen and your social media page will never go out of sight.

    Think of running a series of posts. This will make sure that the readers are retained and will never let you be out of context!

    Answer Questions

    Whenever a person, updates any query or inconvenience caused to him because of your company, resolve it. The query or inconvenience might be a comment on your status. This conversation will stand as evidence to your customer care.

    If you come across a question that your company is not tagged in specifically, but the question is related to your business, reply without promoting your company too much. The only focus should be in helping the ones in need.

    You may later use tweak this conversation & use it as an update.

    Offbeat Updates and Jokes always work

    You will see increased engagement on your page when you share lighthearted humor. It diffuses situations that are awkward and gives people a chance to look at a particular situation with a funny perspective. A happy follower might be a customer tomorrow. Avoid being too serious but keep in mind about what you make fun of. It shouldn’t hurt the followers.

    Share Links of Useful Content

    The lifeblood of the internet is links that are shared across. Several numbers of updates on various social media platform include them. It may be a blog, video or an infographic; when you need to guide audience for additional information make a customized short URL.

    Share Quotes That Grab the Attention

    Quotes are usually known to be a popular medium of attracting people on social media. One can find several quotes online that are related to their business. Select the quote and make an image that is visually appealing, your audiences will connect to it faster. One can use quotes heard in seminars, from movies or even different blogs. Whenever you do so and tag the person in your post, he-she will follow you and might share the update in return too.

    Conduct Contests

    Contests are always seen to get more and more engagement each time they are conducted. Contests are seen to be an opportunity where fans are encouraged to share their content. It is better to keep these contest simple and to the point. Keep a few specific rules that the participants have to follow to make the contest a little more interesting.

    Do not forget to say “Thank You”

    Thank your customers or followers with a full heart. They would love to hear a notification from a brand they follow. It shows the world that you care for every customer you have. Remember, social media is not another platform to market. It is marketing through the connections you make. Build connections and then talk about your brand.

    Many companies feel their social updates are getting decayed. Well, it is time to try out something new. The more creative you think; the more followers you will attract.
    Social arena is a great stage for you to experiment, start trying new things and get going!

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