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  • Infographics: The Demise of Orkut

    Orkut became available to people when knowledge about social media was scarce. Named after Orkut Büyükkökten, a Turkish software engineer and a major contributor towards the initiation of this website, Orkut is one of the most visited websites in India and Brazil. On June 30, 2014, Google announced that the website would officially close on September 30, 2014. Moreover, no fresh accounts can be created starting July 2014. Below are some of its highlights –

    1) Orkut Themes allows its members to customize their page as per individual preference. Moreover, the users can accomplish this outcome without having to go through multiple steps. The Themes tab on the homepage allows members to change their page’s appearance based on their liking.

    2) Unlike Facebook, Orkut actually tells its users who has been visiting their profile often and snooping through their photos. The Page View feature gives its users tools, which when turned on, enables them to view regular visitors. Moreover, it also shows the number of page views.

    3) Testimonials is another aspect that caught the eye of users and encouraged them to write one for their friends. The receiver of a testimonial can also reject it, if they find it obnoxious. In case individuals find themselves in a tight spot with not knowing how to write a good testimonial, they can refer blogs assisting them.

    4) Communities is Orkut’s one of the biggest features. The modern day social media sites do have this section, but Orkut was its originator. It is one of the coolest sections on the site, where members can even look for jobs. Now, with Google shutting down Orkut, one might wonder what would happen to these communities. Google actually plans to conserve an archive of all Orkut communities that will be accessible from September 30.

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