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  • Inbound Links and Ideas for New Keywords

    An interesting aspect to linking is that you can always get new ideas simply

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    by tracing links to see where they come from and why they linked to you in the first place.

    Sometimes you can learn a thing or two! For example, at I have been focusing on the keywords ‘pet’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’, ‘clothes’, ‘sweater,’ ‘boots’, etc.

    Suppose I use one of those nifty programs that lets me see who has been linking to me. They are readily available all over the net, and simple to install; or if you use Google Webmaster you will have easy access to them from that site.

    Suppose I see a lot of links from sites having to do with children and their pets? Whoa! I hadn’t thought of that. Kids love to play dress-up, and who hasn’t seen a photo of a little girl wheeling the cat around in a baby stroller with a bonnet on? In fact, there’s probably about a million cutesy videos on YouTube right now.

    Maybe I need to add a keyword phrase to my list. I don’t want to add the single word ‘children’ (too confusing when mixed with the clothing terms) – but what about the combination ‘pet stroller’ or ‘pet wagon’?

    People who go the extra mile for their pet by dragging it around in a four wheeled contraption are the sort of folks who plunk down good hard cash for baseball caps with holes cut out for ears to poke through, bandanas sewn to collars, and hand-crocheted mini sweaters.

    Google’s Tool is my personal fave because it actually tells you what the most commonly used words are being used in the anchor text of these inbound links. Silly me. I never thought of using the word ‘comfortable’ to describe my line – I kind of concentrated on ‘cute’ and ‘four-legged friends‘.

    But there ’comfortable’ is, in anchor text originating from several pet sites devoted to pampering your pet. And there’s another good word – ‘pamper’. I’m just learning all sorts of stuff today!

    Keeping an eye on your inbound links is a good idea in any case – you want to see who is linking to you in case you end up with some links that would be better no-followed, and it also lets you see if any reciprocal agreements are being honored. (Sorry guys, some people are unscrupulous enough to trade link postings and then renege. What? You’re surprised? Soooo naïve!)

    Remember that how someone links to you is almost as important as the fact that they link to you at all.

    Happy linking!

    ***Tomorrow – Deep Linking: How it can increase your site’s value***

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