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  • How to write the perfect title tag

    Though title tag is what hits your eye first, it is often the most neglected. It is never given the due importance it elicits. A good title is what entices a reader to read through the article. Only an interesting title will prompt them to read and then of course it is up to the article to keep their attention. It would not be farfetched to say that not a single person will go to the article without first glancing through the title. So the title would decide if they will read ahead or exit from the page. Only the title can get you clicks. So it demands importance and cannot be overlooked or taken casually.
    With a format in place, writing a perfect title tag would seem a cakewalk.

    Length: The title should never be lengthy. A reader will lose interest upon seeing a long title. It has to be short, crisp and to the point.

    Focus: The title tag plays the role of the spotlight to the blog or the article. It should effectively summarise what the writer wants to convey. The total focus of the title should be on the theme of the write-up whether it is a blog or an article.

    Language: It goes without saying that the title has to be sensible and in perfect grammar with even the punctuations, if any, in place. A faulty sentence as the title will prove a turn-off. Come up with a grammatically correct sentence.

    Build up curiosity: Without revealing all, say what the crux of the write-up is. Play on the curiosity factor. Arouse the interest of the reader so that they will be forced to read through.

    Call to Action:  The reader should not be left with the impression that they can come back later to read at leisure. Prompt them to read on the spot. So the title has to deliver on that.

    Say what they want to hear: It would be good if you can come up with a title which would highlight the reader’s sentiments. If you can give them what they want to read, they will stay back on your page. Speak to the reader through your title.

    No run-of-the-mill title: You need to come up with a unique title tag. Do not give clichéd titles which may not grab reader’s attention. Even if it is an oft-repeated point, think of novel ways to say it.

    SEO compatibility: While being creative, do not forget the core point that you are writing for SEO. So keep in mind the rules of SEO and include the keywords in your title as far as possible.

    Headstart: It is always wise to start with writing the title first. This way your article will surely revolve around the title and will not digress from the point. If you try giving a title after the article is completed then there are chances that the title may fail to encompass the points that the article is trying to put forth.

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