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  • How to select keywords?

    All of us know the importance of choosing the right keywords while optimizing our websites. The problem however is in actually selecting the keywords and not in just knowing the importance of selecting the right keywords. How do we go about this? Some of the keywords are highly competitive and we may not be able to see fast results when we try to optimize our websites for those very highly competitive keywords.

    Whether you are optimizing your own websites or your clients’ websites, make sure that you know everything possible about the business or the product which is being promoted by the website that you are optimizing. Only when you know the business inside out you will be able to know the keywords that people will be using to search for that product or service otherwise you will only have a limited collection of keywords. Amateur SEO professionals will often make the mistake of optimizing the websites for highly competitive keywords spending more and more time, energy and money in their effort to be successful. There are lots of keywords who potential often go untapped for the sheer lack of knowledge about the particular business or product. Keywords that people use vary from individual to individual so it should prompt us to think creatively for different choice of keywords for which certain websites are normally optimized.

    Secondly, try to avoid single words unless the niche market for which you are optimizing the website really an uncommon niche and does not have competition. Moreover single keyword will bring lot of unfocussed traffic to your website though there is no specific harm in this you should be aware of the nature of the visitors that are drawn to understand the conversion graph properly only then you can devise a business strategy to improve your business. If you are going to get lot of general visitor traffic that is not really interested in your service, then obviously the conversion rates are going to be lesser and when you interpret your data without proper understanding of your website traffic then you are prone to make mistakes in your business strategy too. Everything is linked either directly or indirectly. Moreover, even people who search for a product or service use keyword strings with multiple keywords. If you are capable of think like the Internet users in those lines then you can certainly come up with winning keyword combinations.

    Thirdly, when you are selecting your keywords you must think like your websites users and by optimizing your website for some fancy name that you have given your service or product you will not get any traffic even though you may be ranking high for that keyword because people may be using those keywords to search for your product or service. So the idea of optimization is to get traffic and not just good ranking for some strange keywords.

    Make sure that you do a thorough research before you finalize your keywords and optimize your website for better visitor traffic.

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