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  • How to Post Live Blogs on Tumblr

    The Internet has made real-time communication all the more interesting. No matter where you are, you can still connect with the world and tell them what you are doing. Blogs help you achieve this easily. Live blogging, a new trend, gets instant information. Though most people use them to keep a record of events, they are also a popular way of displaying your creative commentary skills. Tumblr provides a platform for bloggers to share their posts and opinions.
    Blogs on Tumblr
    Blogging on Tumblr is as simple as writing and publishing it. However, if you want to make them successful, here are a few handy tips.

    1. When and where to blog:

    Your real-life social etiquettes apply here as well. It wouldn’t be appropriate to live blog from a movie theatre or a social gathering. You may consider it when you are in a seminar or an event. In gatherings like parties, if you feel compelled to blog, do so without annoying others around you.

    2. Specify the event you are participating in or viewing:

    It might sound obvious, but mention the name of the event which you are blogging about. Be it a TV show, a seminar or a party, give it an appropriate name. You may also use the option of creating a separate blog on your Tumblr account for live blogs.

    3. Tagging:

    Include only relevant tags in your post. Adding random tags with an aim to increase the views isn’t going to help you. Instead, your readers may get annoyed.

    4. Reaction GIFs:

    Reaction GIFs are popular on Tumblr for the way they communicate emotions. Tumblr users save their favorite images to access it later. Use them to bring out the intensity of your feelings. They also make your posts attractive.

    5. Authenticity and Depth in details:

    Live blogs convey your on-the-moment reactions and emotions. So, don’t hold yourself back. If you feel elated or angry, go ahead and explain the reason for feeling so. Don’t miss out on the details of what you’re posting about as people might not be watching the event. If you are talking about people involved in a show, use their names to avoid any confusion.

    6. Spamming dashboards:

    You might be tempted to post every twist from your favorite TV show, but be careful not to spam the users’ dashboard. Instead of blogging several times in a minute, you can consolidate what you want to say and post it in short intervals. This helps you organize your thoughts too.

    7. Refer to other blogs:

    You can always read other live blogs which will give you a fair idea before you post on your own blog. This would broaden your views and help you develop a unique kind of writing style. You can also discuss your views and opinions with other bloggers.

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