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  • How to Perform a Keyword Analysis?

    Before you embark on analyzing and finalizing keywords that you want your website to be shown up for, you need to remember that you need to come up with keywords from the customer’s perspective. You need to visualize all the possible keywords that a person may search for in relation for which your site can be displayed. Do not thrust on them keywords based on what you perceive your product and service as; rather you need to conduct a research on what people generally search for.

    How to Perform a Keyword Analysis Prepare a list- First thing first. Prepare a list of the obvious keywords that first come to your mind. The list should include the keywords related to your product or service that you think people are likely to search for and stand higher chances of getting them to your website. Then start brainstorming on what other words could you add to it? Find words similar to the ones you have already jotted down.

    Study your website log- Access your website’s hit logs and observe what have been the words that have mostly been accessed by people when they came to your website. These keyphrases and keywords will be of great help to you.

    Research on competition: Take some time out and study your competitors’ sites which are on similar topic as yours. This should help you get some keywords that you may have missed out in your list. Some time spent on these sites should help you get some words that you may not have thought about or may have overlooked.

    Seek help: Others can help you see some new phrases or words that may have skipped your mind. So hold a brainstorming session with your friends and colleagues asking them what possible words they would think of searching if they were looking for a similar site as yours. Sharing your ready list with them may lead to some more words being added to the list.

    Find variations of your keywords- You need to remember that every person may not spell the keyword in the same manner. If your keyword is spelt in a particular way, the user may not stick to the same way. They may split it in two parts or if it is in two parts they may type it in as a single word. Find as many synonyms of your keywords as possible and try and include all of them as you never know what will eventually bring the user to your site. You could even try out the singular and plural versions of your keywords as it may get different treatment on search engines. If your keyword is often spelt wrongly you could even focus on the misspelling as that may also get you visitors.

    Area specific- Is your business specific to a particular geographical area? Then adding the name of your area to your keyword could give you favorable results. It will bring you clients who are specifically searching for your service restricted to that particular area and so conversion rates could be higher.

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