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  • How to Increase the Ranking of your Keywords

    The goal of every website is to sail to the top of the search engine ranking and all webmasters and designers are dedicated to this goal. Getting your website ranked for the chosen keywords is what your aim should be; but while doing that it is important to draw up a strategy and follow that so that you do it the right way and don’t end up negatively affecting your website through over-use of the keywords.

    What important strategies could you adopt to use each of the relevant keywords and how could you increase the ranking of those keywords?

    how to increase ranking

    Relevant Keywords: First step is of course to choose the most effective and relevant keywords. Take care to choose those keywords that would bring the right traffic, i.e. the potential customers who are likely to purchase and are not there to just browse through. So think like the customer, from their perspective as to what words would they search for that could get them to your website. So choose the keywords wisely that could actually prompt a purchase and not just mere browsing. Go ahead and make a list of the potential keywords which can help you rank higher. As far as possible list out long tail keywords as in that way you can include more number of effective keywords.

    Keyword Placement: It is not just about choosing the right keywords; you need to smartly position them too. Unless you place them strategically, they will not be noticed. A simple way to do this is to use the keyword in the title and appropriately in the description too. It is recommended to place the keyword in the first 100-200 characters right at the beginning of the content on the website. This way the search engines are sure to track them.

    Keyword Density: Keep in mind the keyword density while posting content. Keywords in excess can work against your website instead of in favor of it. If you over-use the keywords and use it too frequently, then its not a good idea as it may lead to your website getting penalized. Be careful to keep the keyword density between 3% to 5%.

    Image Keywords: It is a known fact that you need to use relevant and appropriate images to make your site interesting. But you need to remember that search engines cannot obviously see the images; they can just read the text accompanying the images. To optimize these images, make sure to use the keywords in the title and description of the images. It is another easy way of including the keywords and also to draw the attention of the search engines to the images. This way you can please not just the users with good pictures but also appeal to the search engines.

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