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  • How to get through Google Panda 4.0

    Before we start off about how to negotiate past Google Panda 4.0, it would help to understand what the main objective of all these algorithms is- To filter out bad content and present only the best of content to the internet users. Spam content bites the dust and quality content is encouraged. The unethical means of SEO is penalized and the overall user experience is enhanced. Google places high importance on its customers and their experience is of top priority. As a website owner you may need to make a few changes but if it is so, then you should do it without much protest as finally it will work in your favor itself.

    How to get through Google Panda 4

    What are these probable changes? Let us examine some…

    1. Ensure that your website is filled with informative and most importantly relevant high quality content. It goes without saying that your content should be error-free. Any site with excellent content but totally irrelevant to their business and overloaded with keywords in a bid to catch the attention of the search engines or mere listing of the products without any information on them is bound to face the axe of the quality masters.

    2. Please see that you keep adding meaningful content to the site at a regular basis. Content should not be added as a means to include the keywords, rather the content should be with a purpose to give necessary information to the readers. Write and include content for people who read it and not for the search engines. The more satisfied the readers are with the content, the more they will keep coming back. This will work positively for your website as it will not go unnoticed by the search engines which will give a good rating to your website.

    3. Social media has reached to such heights of popularity that its influence cannot be ignored. Be sure to keep interacting with your audience and encourage their reaction and comments on your product or services. This will help you in business promotion and establishing your business as a brand in the long run.

    4. The main intention of Google Panda 4.0 is ofcourse to stress on quality. But in a way it improves your sales too. How you may ask? If nothing, it rewards you for the pains you take on your website and brings it to the top by ranking it well. It pushes the low quality and mediocre websites down in the list and brings the good ones on the top. With this you get greater visibility and consequently sales for your business. So adhere to the norms laid down by Google Panda and work on your website’s quality without getting into the bad books of the search engines.

    Please your audience by providing them with what they are looking for- quality and performance and a pleased audience will automatically please Google Panda.

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