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  • How To Find Keywords That Can Work For You

    Keyword research is the first step in creating strong brand recognition online and earning better revenues through SEO. The right kind of keywords will help your website list at the top of search results leading to higher traffic. It is essential to optimize all the pages of your website with the appropriate phrases. This is surely not something that can be done based on assumptions. It is quite a challenge as your competitors may tend to use the same ones. Common ones may get you numerous visitors, but you should concentrate on getting the right kind of audience. By conducting research about the market keyword demand, you learn about terms and phrases you should target, giving a better idea about your customers. It lets you know about shifts in demand and create content according to the changing market needs.

    How to Find Keywords That Can Work For You

    Aspects to consider while finding keywords that can work for you –

    1. The first aspect is to check how relevant these key phrases are to the content in your website. You can even make use of varied ones for different pages in order to optimize every page. This is especially useful when you have an ecommerce portal so that when a user types the model of a particular product, the person is directed to that specific page. Use them in title tags, URL, Meta tags, image file paths and anchor text of the page.

    2. Making use of research tools will give a good idea about the phrases that are most searched by visitors for products and services. It provides search volume estimates and related key phrases which you may not have considered. Totally relying on these tools is not recommended as the suggestions for you and your competitors in the same field may be common. It is important to figure out what is unique and works best for you.

    3. The visitors that you attract with these words should gain the information they are looking for from your website, increasing scope of conversions and income.

    4. Ensure to take notice of websites that already rank for certain phrases. This gives you an idea of what your competitors are using and come up with ones that can lead to potential conversions.

    5. You can test these phrases by purchasing a sample campaign from Google Adwords to track impressions and conversion rate.

    6. Make use of long tail keywords, ones that contain more than 3 words, as they are less common and more specific. They tend to gain a better focused audience than singular ones. This is perfect for smaller budget websites as the time required to rank with them is lesser and converts better.

    7. Your SEO strategy should mark some key phrases which have lesser competition as the chances of your website ranking higher for this search is more.

    8. Keyword research is not a onetime process. Updating them on a regular basis by adding new ones to the list is important to keep getting better results. Giving this aspect utmost importance as the foundation step is half the work done in creating an online presence and brand image.

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