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  • How Squidoo can Help You

    Squidoo is definitely one of the fastest growing sites on the internet. You can use it effectively to build backlinks as well as generate targeted traffic. Squidoo lenses index fast, as Google trusts the entire Squidoo site and loves the link juice. This means that Squidoo lenses will index even more quickly than your blog and website if you are just starting out and need a quick way to get content at the top of the SERPs.

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    Once you learn how to build an effective Squidoo lens, you’ll also see benefits in the form of high targeted, convertible visitors entering your site by clicking on a link on your Squidoo lens. The trick to getting a good ranking with a Squidoo lens both on the SERPs and inside the Squidoo network is consistency. If you don’t have time to accurately manage your Squidoo lenses, consider getting a Squidoo lens creation service to set up and promote your lenses.

    First, a lens needs unique content that is optimized and targeted at your niche audience. Have a copywriter create high quality content, and you will stand out from 90% of lenses out there that hired cheap writers or did their own. Good content is worth paying for. Use the introduction module to tie in to the content on your site and encourage people to click on your lens and from there to your website.

    Next, use Squidoo URL related to your content, following the theme of your lens or keywords that relate to your website (these are the keywords/phrases you are trying to rank for on Google.) Set up a lens roll so you can feature all of your lenses on each Squidoo you create. This forms a pattern of links that connects all of your lenses.

    After you have created your lens, submit it to different Squidoo lens submission sites including,, and Bookmark your lens to social bookmarketing sites like,,, and Finally, rewrite the content slightly and submit versions of your lens to article directories like,,,,, and

    Update your content frequently, even if it is just replacing a header paragraph or adding an image or editing a tag. Activity keeps your lens marked as ‘active’ on both Google and Squidoo. If you don’t have time, again you can hire a Squidoo lens promotion service to help get the word out about your lens and to maintain it.

    You should also be checking to see what keywords people use to reach your lens, and adding content targeted at those keywords since people are finding your lens by searching with them. Link your Squidoo lens out to other content you have on the web as well and watch your traffic increase.

    Squidoo lenses can be a huge part of your content and marketing efforts and can deliver excellent results of created and promoted properly, as well as maintained regularly. A Squidoo content creation and promotion service can streamline the process and give you multiple connected lenses to build an information network that established you as an authority in your field.

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