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  • How Mobile Friendly Label Boosts Search Engine Rankings

    Search engine optimization has been swaying the Internet market with gusto. Their benefits have received accolades by all the tech enthusiasts. Helping a site rank high on search engine is probably the best invention by the optimization process. This feature is so attractive that many resort to content management to get recognized by Google. This bandwagon now has another way to achieve their coveted goal. Google has come up with an innovative and unconventional invention. They have introduced “mobile-friendly label” for all the smart phone users. It is a well known fact that websites fetch majority of their online audience through cell phones. People these days believe that surfing a website through their smart phone is highly convenient.

    Search Engine Ranking

    For the same reason, webpage owners are ensuring that the site is compatible with phone devices. They see to it that their sites are not only limited to desktop browser compatibility. However, there are times when this job might be done in an inefficient way. The reasons are:-

    1)Chances are that the site might have content that cannot be understood without zooming.

    2)Sometimes the user has to wait endlessly for the pictures and videos to load.

    3) Installing software that is not sync with the device is another problem.

    4)Users also get irritated when the site does not open sue to errors. The 404 error is indeed a nuisance.

    If the mobile version of the site is facing a hassle, then it is better to give it a makeover. It can be done as follows:-

    Take the help of softwares like Word Press, Jhoomla and Drupal. These systems can transform the theme, design and templates for good.

    You can put the template to test after making it. This needs to be done to check the speed of the page.

    Another way of making it to the mobile friendly list is to rope in the latest CMS.

    There are times when all the links point out to the same site. In order to avoid this, it has to be ensured that the link leads to only the mobile version of webpage. To make the site more visible on mobile phones, the following can be done.

    The person can make the webpage resources accessible to Google blot. The resources range from JavaScript to CSS programming.

    Mobile configuration is something that they can thoroughly work upon. This talks about how the HTML code and URL should go hand in hand. It means that the code might change for the mobile device. However, the unchanged URL should ensure that it supports all the types of codes.

    Configuration also means following the suggested design pattern.
    There are incidences wherein the site is only for mobile phones. Their desktop version might not be available.

    In such cases, the compatibility and content should be thoroughly tested under the tools. Once the site clears this test, they need to be rest assured.

    If they fail, they are given suggestions on making the site mobile-friendly. The sites have to take them positively and work hard on it.

    The ones who have passed the test are given a label to their site. It appears when their link is typed by the user on the search bar. The label is a sign that your webpage can be trusted for almost everything.

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