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  • How Hosting Can Affect Your Website’s Traffic?

    Many of us are not aware that our website’s hosting and the site’s traffic are closely related. Hosting has tremendous influence on our website’s traffic at large and in particular to the site’s relationship with search engines.

    One of the major sources of visitor traffic to websites is the organic traffic that we receive through search engines; other traffic generating methods will only create a temporary hike in the traffic. On the long run what counts is the organic traffic. One’s ranking in the SERP is highly crucial for the traffic and our position in the SERP is affected by our website’s relationship with the search engines. One of the factors that help us build good relationship with search engines is web hosting and this also automatically implies that our hosting can also ruin our relationship with the search engines that matter the most.

    Pay careful attention while finding your hosting service provider. Many people ask whether the hosting platform will affect their ranking. No, the hosting platform has nothing to do with your search engine ranking. Whether it is hosted in Linux platform or Windows platform, it all means the same to the search engines. So this is not the question you should are or this is not what you should be worried about. What you should rather be concerned about is the server speed. If your website takes too long to open then it is not good for your website. As part of our SEO efforts we will optimize the entire site to open fast. However, when it comes to the server speed it is not within our control so hosting your website in slow servers will render your SEO useless. When your hosting makes your site to open slowly search engines will mark your site to be a heavy site. Search engines keep track of the loading time of websites. This has another disadvantage as well. When your site takes a very long time to open many visitors will close the browser before the website opens. Search engines also keep track of this data which will not speak in favor of your website.

    Another important factor is that you must make sure is that you are hosting your website on any of the blacklisted servers that are known for spamming and hosting illegal websites. Your website will also receive the same reception as of those websites. It does not matter even if those websites are currently not hosted in those servers. Once a server is blacklisted, its effects last for long. Your websites ranking will unnecessarily be affected because of the hosting issues. This will automatically reduce the visitor traffic.

    The next problem with regard to hosting your websites with cheap hosting service providers is the downtime. All of us know how this affects our website’s traffic. When the server is often down people will get the ‘Page cannot be displayed’ error. More seriously, when search engine spiders happen to crawl when your site is down you will have to wait for the next update before the search engine spiders crawl your site again.

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