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  • Hitting a Home Run SEO is a lot like baseball. There are 25 guys on the big team and another hundred or more in the minors from around the world chipping away and doing their part to be a long term player on a winning team. If everything goes right, all those players work together to achieve the ultimate goal of being the world champion.

    Think of your website as the team as a whole. Think of winning the World Series as being ranked #1 on Google. You have rivals coming at you from every angle trying to overtake you along the way. How you keep them at bay is how you use your players, or in the case of a website, your tools. Don’t forget to bring in a pinch-hitter if your down at the bottom of the eighth and need a little help – your friendly SEO firm will be happy tobhelp you get your strategy back on track, and you can still come from behind to win the game!

    Your starting pitcher is your content. If you have weak starters your team is going to get beat up on day after day. You may not have the best starters in the world, but you have a bullpen with the lefty specialists, the setup man and the closer all waiting to do their part. Think of them as you would your sites fans, industry experts, and bloggers. Your offense is your advertisers, keywords and deep links. They are what pushes you ahead of the other teams.

    The webmaster is the manager. The manager figures out how to put it all together in a winning combination. He may find one player is working well and decide to ride him, while another is struggling and needs some coaching. This is no different than learning and employing new SEO tips to keep you on the top and wearing that coveted World Series ring. Each win brings in new fans, and new fans equals more sales.

    Just like those ballplayers don’t give up after someone takes them deep or they strike out, neither does a good webmaster. They get back on the field and keep playing. They do their research on the competition to get better. They seek the counsel of coaches when they are stuck in a slump, and they heed the advice of the medical staff to stay in top shape. The game isn’t always easy, but with a little help it can be won.

    When you get everything just right, you start to see your website hitting home run after home run. Your customers arrive, they stay, they buy – and your team benefits. Don’t forget, your brain is the MVP, and if you use it to absorb all the SEO knowledge that you can, you’ll always be a winner!

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