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  • History of Search Engine !

    The Era of Spam:

    1997-1999 was the time when search engines were newly born in the era of internet. The only technique use to work at that time was submitting to search engines. Those days were days of spammers. In those days it was easy to get site ranked high by spamming . Spammed sites with hidden keywords, stuffed meta tags use to get high ranking. Now a days those Black hat techniques doesn’t work, but can still find some sites that are optimistic. Unfortunately there are companies still offereing 1000’s of search engine submissions, which are no more acceptable by Search Engines. Even in those days Yahoo was hard to spam cause its was human indexed directory.

    Off-page Factors:

    In 1999 search engine introduced off-the-page factor. That is linking pages according to the link popularity. It became very facous among all search engines. “off-the-page” factors is being liberated from the spammers’ influence.
    But then they were hit by “linkfarms”. Link farms enjoyed good popularity even up to recent time, now search engines don’t even care about such kind of link pages when ranking a page.

    The Google :

    Google is no. 1 search engine in the world. It became popular in 2000-2002. It has a market capital of 70% approx. Google has lot of advanced features like search PDF files, SWF files etc. No one offers so many tools and services that Google does. It has also introduced Google Sitemap to speed up the process of crawling. Google Analytics to determine where visitor is coming from, number of inbound and outbound links, keyword you are most searched for etc. Recently Google also launched Page Creator.

    Global Consolidation :

    In year 2002 and 2003 major reshuffling happened in search engines : in this era Google bought, Yahoo purchased Intktomi, Altavista and All the web.

    Search Engine Marketing Today :

    People are still buying auto submission software for there site to be submitted, which is not causing any increase in ranking. Search Engine marketing requires an integrated approach to improve site content, quality, link building etc. No Spam method works. Spamming is also called as “black-hat” in SEO. Natural and Organic Link Building , Content Optimization, Keyword research and placement etc. are the best way of Search Engine Optimization.

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