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  • Hiring An SEO – Questions to Ask

    Did you ever wonder what happens when you hire out your SEO? Some think that you pay your SEO, and sit back but have no idea what happens next. To a degree they are right. You do pay your SEO, and while you let them do what they do best, you don’t actually sit back and just watch the results roll in. What you do is sit back and watch them do their job and this is valid for a few very key reasons.

    People Asking Questions in Speech Bubbles Seeking Support SEO, unlike so many other web-centric disciplines, is something you can’t really see until it is working. That in large part makes it difficult for many people to pony up the kind of money it takes to get a reputable firm to handle this. Demand more than empty words from your SEO. Don’t be satisfied with vague promises such as ‘we will make your site rank #1’ or ‘we will get you a thousand back-links’. Ask questions and expect answers.

    You should be asking the following questions and getting the companion answers:

    – Will you be using organic SEO or PPC? The first half of the answer can go in many directions, but it should always end with them having you in a position that organic SEO is the end all be all. PPC or both can be used to get the ball rolling, but PPC is not a cheap long term solution!

    – Where do you get links from? Your SEO should always be able to tell you exactly where links are coming from. If they can’t it means they have no plan or that they are ashamed of where links are coming from. Either way, avoid an SEO that can’t tell you how they will go about linking.

    What kind of PageRank do the sites my back-links come from have? This is another basic question, but a very important one. Low/No PR rank sites offer very little juice and are the type of thing you can get yourself. When you are paying for links, essentially, you need to get better than the bottom.

    – When can I expect to see results? An honest SEO will tell you it takes time. Sadly, some dishonest ones will too in the hopes they can string you along. What you really want to watch out for is anyone promising immediate results. that just doesn’t happen. If the promises sound too good and are promised overnight then you need to walk away.

    By asking all these questions, you gather valuable information about what your SEO actually knows, what they can do, and how fast they can do it. Your LAST question should be ‘How much will it cost?” – not your first. This keeps it in your mind that you are looking for the right quality fit over the cheapest option at all times.

    Look at the Submitedge site. We are transparent – you don’t even have to ask where links are coming from because each of our packages detail exactly what kind of sites we build links from. Even if you ask for a custom quote you will get a complete and thorough list of exactly what our actions will be and what kind of linking we will be doing!

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