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  • Here’s What the Google-Twitter Deal Means for the Online World

    With the latest deal between Google and Twitter taking the online world by storm, the curiosity is running high. The two social giants have come together to create a powerful search experience. According to the news, Google has finally regained access to tweets. Unlike the earlier restrictions, where Google required to crawl through Twitter’s vast data, it can now index the tweets relatively faster. Thus, now tweets can automatically appear on search results of Google.

    What the Google-Twitter Deal Means for the Online World

    Second Time Lucky
    Back in 2009, Google had struck a similar deal with Twitter which lapsed two years later since because Twitter was unwilling to lose the control over content on the micro blogging site.

    However, with the current desire to anchor its core user base, Twitter wants wider audience and exposure. It aims to reach out to maximum number of people including non-users by allowing them to see tweets on search results. What seems to be the core idea behind this strategy is that Twitter is basically willing to boost the number of daily active users and improve its dipping stock price.

    Industry analysts have already termed the deal as a win-win situation for both the companies. With an eye on the numbers, the deal can help Twitter enhance its growth and also allow Google to add a unique dimension to its service.

    The Mountain of Challenge
    The renewed interest may seem promising, but it appears to have its own new challenges. Even though Google can index tweets, it can only do so with just 3.4% of them! According to renowned consulting firms, at least 96% of tweets are still unindexed. It seems like a big pile of tasks is still left to finish before all tweets get indexed on Google.

    Indexing on a priority basis
    If you are wondering what is preventing the search giant from indexing all tweets quickly, it would be interesting to know that many marketers and researchers believe that this could be because currently the indexation of tweets is in the testing phase. The whole indexing process is undergoing changes and adjustments and is most likely going to progress gradually.

    Another theory is that indexing all tweets at once is highly impossible and requires a thorough filtration, even for a genius like Google. There is no denying that the number of indexed tweets will expand over a period of time. However, it seems obvious that that Google could be looking for better ways to use Twitter’s data.

    One of the most distinctive observation is the link between the number of indexed tweets and the followers. The numbers indicate much stronger possibility that greater indexing of content has been happening on those accounts that have a strong following. It is apparently an approach Google is taking to index tweets from the bigwigs or it could be simple coincidence. A strong conclusion which can be made out of this scenario is that even a giant like Google has its own limitations!

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