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  • Google’s New Experiment Involves Tweets Featured in the Search Engine

    There are many search engines available on the internet among which Google is the most popularly and widely used search engine, while in social media Twitter also has a lot of demand and use. Google has signed a new deal with Twitter which will allow Twitter to display the tweets and trending topics into its search engine results. This was the most profitable deal and one that was long awaited by users. This was actually just an experiment which was confirmed by Google later. A screen shot was shared by Mr. Dan Martin from Razorfish recently which showed one of their experiment where the tweets were integrated by Google’s Search results trending topics. The screen shot shared by him shows a tweet that was on trending, the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao boxing match. This topic had trended on Twitter so it was picked up by Google’s search engine results. When asked about this experiment, Google explained that they had partnered with Twitter in January to bring their real time content on Google. A deal was signed between Google and Twitter which stated greater access to Twitter’s data. Google was already crawling around Twitter for data despite this deal, so users seeing Twitter’s tweets on Google’s search engine results was not a new thing. Through this deal Google got the ability to get access to more information than it would handle on a regular basis.

    Google Confirms New Experiment With Twitter In Search Results

    The buzz of such a deal was going on since a long time but when the deal was actually signed all the users were waiting for them to incorporate those features in the new versions. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated recently that all the new features will be incorporated in May. Users are glad that the feature they were hoping to include in Google is not a reality yet but the company carrying out experiments allows the users to stay optimistic about it being included sooner.

    Including this feature will enable billions of users who use Google on a regular basis to read about all the trending topics on Twitter. Twitter has a wide range of users spread all over the world speaking different kinds of languages. The trending topics refer to the ones that maximum twitter users are tweeting about. A topic that goes viral on Twitter will now be featured in Google search engines automatically. The users were not able to replicate this on any of the user’s devices. Something that partly explains this shortcoming is the fact that the experiment is still in process. Some users believe that the ability to replicate content from Twitter on search results would soon be possible.

    News features including twitter updates will become a regular thing very soon. That being said, it is important to note that the experiment was carried out only recently. Twitter users are taking it in a positive stride, expecting more fluidity as far as news feeds and updates are concerned. Crawling tweets repeatedly could endanger the USP of the tweeting platform, which explains why only selected popular tweets are being featured instead of all the trends.

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