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  • Google Wields its Axe on Anglo Rank This Time

    This is not the first time. Time and again Google has busted various link networks. This time we hear its Anglo Rank that is at the receiving end. So if you have indulged in or are a part of such networks, then better beware. You could bear the brunt next time, that is, if you have managed to evade it until now.
    Ghost Rank, SAPE links, Text Link Ads, and many others have been tracked down and forced to shut shop. All sites linking to these had to bear the consequences and took a beating in their ranking.  In its bid to weed out malpractices, Google has been ever watchful and has swooped down on the violators. Some may have managed to escape or lie low, but eventually they cannot escape Google’s hawk eye.

    Many are the sites that get conned by the claims of these link sites of getting them to the top in no time. These vulnerable sites fall prey to such enticing link networks; and do not realize the repercussions until late. By then they are slapped with penalties from Google. So you need to be cautious and not fall in the trap laid down by such scamsters.

    It is really surprising to see webmasters as part of such networks as Google has never been easy on such link networks. All you can do to remedy it now is remove such links from your site. Yes, your site may lose ranking for the time being; but in the long run, it will benefit your site. Even if you do not remove, Google will identify such network and penalize them and your site will anyways have to face the consequences. So it is wiser to do it while the going is good.

    For those who have always stuck by the rules and played a clean game, there is no cause for alarm. Only those, who in their bid to get quickly to the top made use of such blackhat techniques have to be wary. Their success will not last long and they may soon come crashing down. And a fall from the top will be fatal and it may take a long, long time to revive from it. So it is better to steer clear of such shortcuts and go about it the right way. Haven’t we been drilled with the phrase- Slow and steady wins the race? It rings true in this respect as SEO process, if done the ethical way, may be slow but will definitely bear fruits in the long run. And you will surely taste sweet success and one that you can be proud of and without any traces of guilt of having done it the wrong way.

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