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  • Google Tips For News Sites


    As a webmaster, you need to understand that not all websites and all web pages are treated equally by Google and other search engines. If you want to promote your website successfully online, it is important that you understand the dynamics that apply to your website type. This article will give tips for news sites on how to improve their Google ranking.

    Matt Cutts in one of the recent WebmasterHelp resources pointed out a few factors along these lines. News sites can be of two types. The first type is news site that focuses on news items that are on specific topics. Here the news site gives regular updates on the developments of a news story. The second type of news sites is websites that publish news articles from diverse topics. You need to follow the guidelines offered by Google for news sites.

    For the first type of sites if you are focusing on a particular topic Matt Cutts recommends that you keep updating the unfolding news to the same page so that the pagerank of the page will keep accumulating rather than publishing new page for every update. One of the risks with publishing multiple pages on the same news topic is that all the stories should be linked correctly and if all the stories are not linked together then you can possibly lose your visitors when they jump from one page to the other until they follow through all the updates that you have published. Added to that you should also remember that if you have a single page update other webmasters or bloggers that like to point to your news article will know which URL to point to as opposed to multiple news pages on a developing story. Though the temptation here could be to publish the news items on a developing story in multiple pages, it is best to keep beefing up the same page with the new content. This will increase the number of visits to your news page and help you get a boost in the search results. Moreover, when multiple pages link to the same news page, the overall search visibility of that page will also be boosted, which you cannot expect when the links are spread out to multiple pages of  the same news item.

    If your website on the other hand is a news site that focuses on diverse topics then Matt Cutts encourages you to review the Google guidelines for news sites. You will have access to special meta tags that are normally not available for the regular websites. Moreover, Google treats news sites differently from the regular websites because of the nature of the website, the updates have to be made accessible to the internet users in the shortest time for the news pages to be of any value to the audience. You should take advantage of such benefits, which are entitled only to the news sites. Spend enough time in reading the new items.

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