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  • Google Penguin 3.0 Wobbles Out

    Exactly a year after its earlier update, Penguin 3.0 has been announced by Google. On Friday Google confirmed that it has updated its Penguin algorithm and a new version has been rolled out. Though the repercussions of the algorithm have not been evident so far, there are surely some cheers and disappointments on its way. It is not yet clear on what this update brings in its wake, or to what extent it will impact websites but it has been a long awaited one as there have been no updates for nearly a year now on that front.

    Penguin Update

    Why the update?

    As against the Panda updates, Penguin updates have been few and far between. But the intention of any Google algorithmic update is the same- to give quality and relevant content to the people who are searching.

    What is the impact?

    Only the sites which have been unmindful of the content or have any dubious links need to fear the impact of any Google algorithm updates. The sites that are displaying content with the readers in mind i.e providing the content that they would be looking for and have displayed it in an organized manner and have provided relevant and good quality links will not be impacted. But the sites that have links that are in no way relevant to the website content and have been added for mere link building may witness the impact of Google Penguin 3.0. Though these are not the only points for Google Penguin to measure your website, they are definitely the ruling aspects.

    What to do now?

    Should you rejoice if your site has not been impacted or what should you do if it bears the brunt of the algorithmic update? I would say, you cannot do both. As, this time around you may have skipped the axe but if you are not on your toes, then it may be your turn the next time around. So instead of resting on your laurels after every update, keep up the good work and always reinvent and update the site to match the changing requirements of the searchers.

    To conclude, Google is getting more and more precise with each of its update; it is upto you how to present information that will catch and retain the interest of your target audience. Instead of focusing your attention on how to outwit the Google algorithms, it is better to train your focus on what your audience is seeking and writing for your readers rather than the machines. If you manage to get that straight then no Penguin or Panda can prove any threat to your website.

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