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  • Google Mobilegeddon – The Phone and Desktop Search Ranking Differentiation

    Ever since its inception in 1998, Google was seen as a pioneer in search. It was however un-assumedly thought of as something that would be consistent across platforms. Consistency was thought to prevail all across and would never dub down. This assumption of a static Google in terms of search has been proved wrong. With the mobile phone revolution soon it became apparent that there would be two digital worlds competing in parallel. This parallel search is being seen as something that would compete with each other in terms of passenger traffic. Google understands this, and a new term has been coined for it. “The Google Mobilegeddon” is a term being used to describe the difference in search results when using the phone and the computer.

    The Phone and Desktop

    Google has tweaked its structured search algorithm. Clearly, this could affect how the corporate websites would be ranked within the search results for users using smartphones. The term used “Mobilegeddon” could mean the revamping of the age old strategy on the mobile platform. It may make a considerable impact on the company’s website. This is especially true when ranked in terms of search results and displayed on basic or advanced handheld smartphones. Modifications would favor those sites, which are more tuned in to the mobile platform updates and are more mobile friendly. That translated into major companies and also the retailers must at all times and in all versions meet Google’s new algorithm. Clearly, they have websites, which meet up to Google’s specific mobile standards. It would rank further up in terms of the search results displayed on the phone.

    Columnists and bloggers all over the world are clear that this is not a standalone move. More major announcements are expected to be made in the near future. For the large majority of people, the mobile acquiescence system is not simply made optional. Statistically, it is seen that the mobile search oftentimes makes up apropos thirty percent of the entire traffic as whole. This is simply regardless of the industry which is currently under close examination. For a small portion of people, it is generally a large fraction of mobile traffic, which is steadily growing.

    By adapting your mobile and its compatibility to the new specified requirements you are now able to make the website very mobile friendly. It is generally necessary at the present moment that too for most sites. The question is where you can get the new rather fresh flow of traffic once the system for search engine optimization has been implemented. For this you must consider the most apropos service provider for your purpose. In the specific instance, that you are in a situation that you are not sure of determining what your specific need and traffic requirement is then you must seek the help of an expert. The sizeable impact of the change may not be measurable and you may simply have to rely on your basic knowledge for the same. It is essential to be mindful of the changes and technicalities needed to correct it and address the change.

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