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  • Google In The Path Towards Becoming Knowledge Engine

    Those who have been keeping a tab on the latest happenings with Google would have already heard that Google is gearing towards becoming a knowledge engine from being a search engine. Google’s knowledge graph is the latest buzz in the latest search engine trends. Google through its efforts on becoming a knowledge engine is planning to take the internet search to the next level. One of the questions that spark in the minds of the SEOs immediately is what will then be the impact of Google’s move on the SEO? Will this move help websites and businesses or will it side track the visitors to something else than what they had actually searched for? This is a moot question which needs to be reviewed at a deeper level.

    From Google’s perspective the move towards becoming a knowledge engine is to help the users get what they want fast. You will not only get information not only on what you have searched for but also on what you will also get information on what you are likely to ask next. Google says that its results are based on the previous search history of the users.

    The above move of Google need not be a cause of gripe because this will further enhance the user experience. If you provide all the information your target audience is likely to look for while searching for information on your niche then your website’s ranking will not be affected. Moreover, your website is also likely to get extended listings. Evidently, Google is forcing webmasters to put in their best efforts on creating highly structured data. Come up with well thought out website architecture and present the best information possible in your website. In other words make your website highly resourceful and gain advantage in the search results.

    If there is one factor that is becoming increasingly stronger with all Google’s moves and algorithmic updates then it should be the increasing importance of good quality content. Now with Google’s efforts on becoming a knowledge engine, the importance of good quality, structured, resourceful content has only been stressed further.

    Google makes use of various micro data types in linking related data on any given topic. These micro data types include businesses and organizations, reviews, people, products, events, music, videos and recipes. When you are trying to promote your website online you should make use of as many applicable micro data types as possible. Making your content relevant to the search results now does not stop with making the text keyword rich any longer. You need to now take into consideration the bigger picture and your efforts on marketing your website in Google should integrate the bigger picture only then you will be able to produce tangible ranking results. Authorship markup is one important factor that needs focus here. Authorship markup in your page will help Google give your website and its content brand identity and it will make your website part of Google’s micro data information.

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