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  • Google Check Factors for your Website

    Google has various parameters for measuring the content of your website. If it meets all those, then your website enjoys a good ranking on Google and if it does not, then the search engine would ignore it or even penalize it if they find any discrepancies in adherence to its algorithms. Though the list is exhausting, here we try to look at some important check factors that you can run on your website to see how it stands where Google is concerned.
    Google Check Factors for your Website
    Expertise: Google places a lot of importance on quality and so the first thing it would check is if the content written on your website is by an expert or not. Does the content writer know the topic in detail or is the writeup quite shallow? Is your website an authority on the topic and does it provide valuable and relevant information to your readers or not? Take care that all the content or blog posts that you carry on your site is attributed to an expert and you have provided the necessary byline to the writer. Doing this will lend credibility to the content as by adding a name and face to the content you are standing by what you have written and this will not go unnoticed by the search engine.

    Exclusivity: Is the topic of your site exclusive? Would the reader not find the same content elsewhere? Is it specific enough or is it just cursory information? Is the site providing comprehensive information? – These are questions posed by Google when it evaluates your site. Make sure that you do not add content merely for SEO purposes and the blogs are not just text to catch the attention of the search engines. Your intention of including blogs should be to educate or provide valuable information to your readers. So include topics that are relevant to your website and give indepth knowledge on the topic. Such content will be shared by people and visited repeatedly and this will by default catch the attention of Google.

    Keyword manipulation: Google will check if your site carries duplicate content which is irrelevant. Is your site merely churning out content with the keywords placed strategically just to please the search engines and has no substance for the readers? Is the content merely keyword oriented or will readers find it interesting? Run a check on your site to weed out repetitive content and combine it into a single page. Do not try manipulative techniques by weaving keywords into your text. It is the topic that matters eventually and how it lands to the audience that you intend to target. So write for humans and not for search engines.

    Quality check: Run a quality check on the content of your site. Ensure that there are no grammatical errors which may not go down well with your well-informed readers. If you cannot do justice to your site content how can you expect the reader to stay back on it? Bad language ridden with errors will drive the readers away and your site’s bounce rate will be noted by Google.

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