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  • Google Base – Soon to be Great

    With Google updating and expanding features for Google Base, you want to be aware how it works. Here’s some snippets from an earlier post, way back in September of last year:

     At first glance, Google Base looks like a addendum to Google for the purpose of basically flea-marketing your unwanted goods, but no – you can post PDF files, articles, etcetera – all with links back to your url.

    The key is attributing, which is pretty much like tagging in the sense that certain things begin to be grouped and categorized by how well you tag. I have got to try this out and see if it makes a difference. I can’t help but wonder, if Google displays these on Product Search or their general search engine, what criteria do they use, and why?

    Google does make a point of saying your product or items may appear on Google main web search, and upon further investigation, Google Base may have some merit all of its own just as a product search. A notation reads that ‘you don’t have to have a website to use Google Base – just a Google account (of course). Anything you submit to Google base without a url will be hosted on a special url.

    Now it appears those who use Google Base will be getting teh chance to explor rextra ad opportunities in the near future, and that an RSS fee is the key to making sure you get to take advantage of this novelty – just make sure you use the attributing factor wisely as it is the only way to get keywords in for search queries!

    Read more about the new stuff coming to Google Base on our news blog.


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