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  • Google Announces More Refined Panda Update

    Just as everyone was curiously waiting for the next Panda update, there is a lot of buzz online about the new Panda update from Google. There is a renewed interest online lately about the much anticipated Google Panda update. Google has seemingly confirmed its latest Panda update, which is popularly known as Panda 26. However, this update is expected to bring some good news to the webmasters because this update is more finely targeted.

    Google Panda

    There are claims that Google has confirmed the next Panda update and that Google will be targeting those bad sites and leave the good sites alone. Those who have been hit badly in the past with the Panda update are reporting positive changes in their website’s ranking.

    Discussions at the Webmasterworld and other SEO blogs and forums point to Google Panda update. One of the Webmasterhelp videos from Matt Cutts from May this year points to a ‘Softer’ Panda update. Google will look for more authority signals in this Panda update and if adequate authority signals are identified, then it will help the websites.

    Google has already indicated that it is not keen confirming to external sources on Panda updates any longer. Despite this fact, webmasters believe that there are enough clues to put together that Panda update might be out. Google has also pointed out earlier that in one of the videos of Matt Cutts that Google is keen on softening the Panda update. Putting all these factors together and taking into account the latest changes some of the blogs and websites are experiencing, webmasters suspect that the latest, more finely targeted Google Panda update may be underway. Number of websites report more traffic and better ranking already after 19 July.

    The positive changes are attributed to the Panda recovery. According to Barry Schwartz, Google has confirmed the panda update. Though this source indicates that Google has confirmed the Panda update, no other direct sources from Google have indicated the latest Google Panda update. The forum discussions are just pointing to the fact that the update may have already been effected based on the positive changes experienced by various website owners and bloggers online. The buzz could be based on inferential posts that are seen in the popular forums and blogs on SEO.

    Whatever be the case, many webmasters are breathing a great sigh of relief because their websites are experiencing positive results. Keep a tab on your website’s ranking in Google and observe the motion. The Panda updates are pushed on monthly basis according to Google and they run for a period of 10 days as per the earlier reports of Google. Your website is likely to experience some changes in the next week. As Google is not really ready to spill the beans on Panda update, we can only go with the inferences.

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