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  • Get Your Business Online Program From Google

    In one of the posts today (4.Jan.2012) in Google’s official blog Google is trying to encourage business owners to take their business online and how taking one’s business online can benefit the business by pointing to some of the success stories of businesses after benefiting from Get Your Business Online Program. If you are a business in the US, you can get your business online with GYBO or Get Your Business Online Program from Google. The post indicates that any US based business can take their business online totally free of cost in the easiest way.

    In this post, Google acknowledges the fact that the business owners can find it hard not knowing where to start and how to go about when they want to take their business online. For such business owners GYBO will certainly be a very important resource. As per the statistics indicated here almost 58 percentage of businesses in the US still do not have a website as opposed to the presumption that US has one of the most forward looking business environment as far as the internet is concerned. Not even 50 percentage of businesses have gone online. Google also presents a very important information that almost 97 percentage of the internet users in the US first look online for the local products and services. If you want to grow your business fast then the key is right before you; take your business online and Google indicates that businesses that have online presence tend to grow 40% faster than businesses that do not have any online presence or any website to promote the business online.

    If you to want to create a free website for your business you should just visit Google promises that setting up a website for your business is fast, easy and free. You will have access to website building tools using which you will be able to customize your website yourself. Google will register a domain for you and also provide you with hosting. Both hosting and domain registration are completely free for a year. This simply means that you can start enjoying your online presence totally free of cost for an entire year.

    When you launch a business website, your business will become visible to the internet users. Your business will be featured in the Google search results, Google maps and in Google+. All these are meant to boost your brand visibility online. Your customers will be able to find your products and services more easily this way and your business will enjoy a steady paced growth. Now with the extensive use of smartphones, your customers will also be able to find your business using their mobile devices.

    Google encourages business owners to take advantage of Google’s GYBO program. If you are serious about fighting the online competition and if you want to become an industry leader then you will certainly need a business website to support and promote your growth. Along with this, focused search engine marketing efforts will help you enjoy improved online visibility.

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