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  • Generating Content That Is Worthy of Linking

    Optimize Content

    One of the things all webmasters wish for their site is content that others would want to connect to. If we can generate compelling content that others would want to connect then you can sit back and relax because other websites will do the work for you. They will build you a massive empire for your website. It sounds interesting and highly desirable but how to implement it and how to create compelling content. What are the things that people look for and what motivates people to link to our site?

    There are number of companies they modify their SEO strategy and divert their SEO budget into something different but to achieve the same goals. One of the popular ways of generating compelling content is developing free tools and applications. We can come up with so many APIs and tools that can be posted on our website in an effort to make website in the relevant industry to link to us. You need to brainstorm with your marketing team to come up with low budget free tools that would be useful for your website users and at the same time useful for visitors in your industry. If it is too specific to your website then it does not give any reason for the other websites to link to you. Therefore you must make its boundaries little wider so that it helps others as well in the same business vertical. When you use this as a strategy you must make sure that people return to your site and that others don’t misuse it. You must have some kind of verification process within your website before the tool can be used by visitors. Few things you can consider include currency Forex convertor tool, toolbar that allows the users to organize their searches, world time calculator, for those in the health care industry you can have body-mass index. You can come up with hundreds of industry specific tools and applications. You just need to be little creative. When you succeed in coming up with a tool like that you need to do your initial promotions including press releases, blogging, forum posts, social media marketing about the new tool so that the online community will know about the free tool.

    The difference between promoting your free tool and your website directly is that when you promote your website your link remains where you post and others are not going to take the trouble to link to your site. If they need your service they will come to your site and it ends there. But when you promote your free tool, people in the relevant industry will be inclined to link to your site to give something useful for their website visitors. Your link will start travelling and you just need to do occasional revamping unlike the day today promotion that you do for your website. However, you just need to be patient in the beginning and give yourself some time to see the results.

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