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  • Follow These Simple Guidelines To Avoid Google Over-Optimization Penalty

    If you are one of those people who get large amounts of traffic by over-optimizing in Google, then you would probably have gone through the penalty that Google filed against you. You can check if your site has been penalized by going through your account in web analytics and see if your there has been a significant drop in the traffic of your website. If Google did indeed penalize you for over-optimizing your site, do not panic, as there are still several things you can do to save your site. Most search engine penalties are not permanent. To restore the rank that you have lost and regain the website traffic of your site, all you have to do is to find the source of the problem and fix it before the situation gets worse.

    At SXSW, a person named Matt Cutts deviated from the rules and told everyone that Google is about to release a new and devastating update, which is said to target those that over-optimize their sites. This shook the world of SEO and sent webmasters into a hysterical state. People tried to fix their websites before they could even be spotted by the new update. Do not take the risk. Create traffic and improve your website ranking the 0regular and appropriate way.

    Here are the things that Google will be looking for to identify the websites that are over-optimizing, especially after the recent Google Penguin update. Study this very carefully and make sure that your website will not be penalized by the search engine giant now or in the near future.


    Title Tags That Look Like Spams

    If your title tags only contain keywords, chances are you are going to get caught by Google?s recent update. You have to change them into something that actually makes sense. If you worry about losing the current rank that you are holding, then you would just have to face it for the meantime. There is a high chance that you will lose the rank that you currently have, but it is better to have a low-ranking site than to receive poor CTR. The best way to fix title tags that are spammy is to create a new title tag that is more readable and create a separate page where in you could place some of your keywords rather than placing all of the content of your site containing the keywords on your homepage. Invest some time in keyword research and try to use only those that are relevant, and place them strategically on title tags instead of flooding your page with keywords.

    Meta Data Descriptions That Are Filled With Keywords

    Your meta data descriptions should be readable. Because of the update, you have to take into consideration the fact that not only Google recognizes the keywords that you place, but humans as well. For that reason, you have to place descriptions that would make sense to humans. Although Google no longer makes use of the description of meta to disseminate the proper rank for each site, it would still be better to be safe and prevent from using pure keywords as descriptions. This would avoid Google from spotting you. Use meta data wisely for both Internet users and search engine bots for your advantage.

    Backlink Profiles That Contain Poor Content And Bought Links

    Backlink profiles that are composed of spammy comments, bought links, articles that are spun, and link networks are in huge trouble. Backlinks that are filled with nothing but keywords are sure to be targeted by Google Penguin update. The only possible solution for this problem is to eliminate all poor content and replace it with good quality links and articles. Just include some of the keywords so that Google would still be able to recognize your site.

    There are certain things that you should avoid when creating backlinks. Veer away from website links that have been penalized. Do not engage in building link networks or just plain link networks. Spammy automated comments are also practices that you must avoid doing. Bad forum signature links might also be penalized, so make it a point that you only participate in forums that have very good ranking and reputation. If you can, stay away from links that are being swapped with other people or reciprocal links. Lastly, check if there are any internal anchor texts with exact matches. Keep these points in mind and you won?t have to worry about being penalized by Google.

    If your website contains several identical anchor texts from a plugin, specifically from WordPress plugins, you would have to link manually and modify the texts slightly to prevent Google from getting confused. Since Google only count the first link of anchor texts of a certain URL, creating multiple page links using the exact same anchor texts will only confuse the search engine when ranking the pages that contain the identical keywords.

    Footers That Are Filled With Links

    Footers that are overflowing with links may raise the alarms of Google?s update and identify you as spam. The best way to alter this situation and still get traffic is to place and scatter the links within the contents of your webpage. This will portray an image of importance for the readers. If you place the links at the bottom of each of the pages, this will only signify that it is unimportant and its main purpose is only for improving the search engine optimization of your site. Prevent from doing this so that Google will not take notice of your tactics.

    Pages That Have Similar Content

    Webpages that have similar content and keywords are likely to be easily spotted by the Google Penguin update. Not only will the visitors of your site be frustrated with the poor content of your pages, but it will also decrease your site?s ranking instead of improving it. To create better content and still contain the essential keywords, you would have to monitor the pages that contain similar contents and combine them to create one sensible page. It might be tempting to create a lot of pages just so you can have a lot of pages for your site, but if you cannot produce unique content that are unique, interesting and informative, then you might have to simply keep to the number of pages that you have now.

    Large Amounts Of Keyword-Heavy Texts

    When placing keywords in the pages of your website, you should spread them throughout its contents. Do not just place a paragraph containing all the keywords that would increase your site?s ranking and paste it in your website?s pages. By spreading the keywords, you will be able to produce quality content. This will prevent Google from removing your site at the top of the results and even increase the traffic of your website. Besides, you would find it very hard to create content with all the keywords and still ensure that it makes sense. Place your keywords strategically throughout your website content, and make it appear as naturally as possible. If it reads awkward then it is most likely that you are using too much keywords already.

    Contents That Will Not Benefit Your Visitors

    The recent Google Penguin update will focus on targeting websites that have plenty of uninformative and trashy contents. Therefore, do not just fill your content with keywords that do not really make any sense. As the creator of the website, you should ensure that your website contains useful, entertaining, unique and helpful text. By placing informative content, your viewers will be satisfied and will probably visit your site again. They might even share your site to other people using social media sites or social bookmarking sites when they find relevant and engaging content on your site.



    Once you get penalized because of over-optimizing, do not lose hope. Google will give you an opportunity to change your site and improve it to make it more interesting and relevant. Google?s update only eliminates websites that have spam content to increase their rank. The key is to not place all of the keywords together, spread them so that you would be able to create better content the makes sense. This will not only improve your website?s rank and traffic, but it would also impress the visitors of your website.

    Even if you are able to make your site appear at the top spot of search engine results, you will still lose your visitors if you cannot provide them with informative content once they get to your site. Once they realize that your website offers nothing but junk, they will leave and simply forget about your site as well as the products and services that you are offering if there is any. While it is important for you to make sure that your website is optimized for search engines to easily find it, you must make sure that you are doing it the right way. You might think you can fool search engines such as Google, but the consequences of over optimization will backfire on your site sooner than you think. Keep in mind that the Internet world changes constantly so you have to be always in the know when it comes to updates such as the Google Penguin update to ensure that you stay on the top spot of search engine results.


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