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  • Five Tips for Traffic and Conversions

    Do you have plenty of traffic but your site still isn’t making money? Try these five tips to increase conversions and reduce bounce rates.

    1. Links, links, links. Your site will be ranked higher if you have high quality links, and higher SERPs position means better rankings. Directory submissions and article submission sites can help – try to find a niche and interlink your stuff together and always provide link-backs to your site.

    2. Content, content, content. Make sure your headlines and subheadings grab attention. When someone is skimming your page, they read the headlines and subheads, if you can grab their interest, they’ll stick around. If not, sayonora, baby! Your content should be real, hard hitting, to the point and optimized for your main and long tail keywords. Don’t just think you can slap any old thing up and get hits.

    3. PPC. Advertising works – but you have to do it right. Work out your budget, create bang up ads, split test, tweak and split test again, and for goodness sakes target effectively so you don’t waste your money. PPC can be either a great tool or a horrible money pit. Do it right.

    4. Tell people what you can do for them, not how great your product is. They don’t care if it is made of 100 swan down – they want to know if it will keep them warm or not. Tell them what the benefits are instead of the features. Then they will be motivated to buy your product because they feel that it meets a need in their life. You can also use testimonials to make them feel confident since others have had their needs met as well.

    5. Promote, use a blog, press releases, social networks – do everything you can to increase traffic from targeted locations where people are interested in what you have to say. The more places you pop up, the more attention people start paying to you.

    Using these tips will make all the difference in your conversion rates and increase higher quality traffic to your site.

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